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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Niki Chow & Jade Kwan Are Officially Real Friends

In same company, BMA, Jade Kwan and Niki Chow was always rumored as fighting to be 'the one' and hates each other. It was rumored that Niki is more famous and Jade is afraid to complain to the media. But when Jade signs with BMA again, it is rumored that Niki is being frozen! Yesterday both of them were arranged to have a meeting together and were laughing and joking with each other, erasing all of the misunderstandings of them!

Jade was always regarded as 'trademark' of BMA but it seems that the most attention went to Niki when she signed with BMA last year. But Jade has successfully signed with BMA again earlier, reversing the situation, and rumored that Niki is being frozen. Disagreements rose from all directions and the two of them just haven't gotten the chance to sit down and talk with each other, and only seperated by wrong traces! Yesterday the two of them were arranged by Lam San San to talk with each other. They were seen joking and laughing with each other with a calm atmosphere, seems like both of them has broke off the ice!

Jade admits that she had been affected by the rumors earlier and had apologized to manager
Loh Git Sing and Lam San San. Her path earlier has been very smooth as she is focused on since the company doesn't have that many members yet. But after BMA starting signing new artists, many rumors started, causing it to seem like the reports were true. Jade has actually wanted to talk with Niki once, but thought it was too offensive, therefore there is lack of communication between them. She said, "We saw each other 2 or 3 times before she signed with the company and we don't want to purposely pretend to be friends like acting." Niki has also wanted to talk with Jade once, she said, "If I ask her, then it means I don't trust her. I don't think you have to care so much about what the outside world says, you just need to trust each other!" After hearing this, Jade expressed that both of them will be honest to each other from now on and will not be affected by the rumors, "If I need to talk, I will immediately call or send a text message to Niki!"

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