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Friday, January 13, 2006

Niki Chow's Perfect Plan: Now & The Future

A Perfect Family
Niki Chow Lai Kei said that her childhood was filled with excitement and happiness. Although she didn't live with her parents while growing up, it actually made her development more healthy, "While growing up, I lived with my grandparents, aunt, and uncle. Because they came from 2 different generations, they treated me differently. My grandparents loved me dearly while my aunt and uncle would require me to help out in chores, doing everything myself. Because of their differing methods on how to raise me, my relatives have argued in the past. I remember that I ran to my grandfather and complained; he of course protected me. Thinking back, I have to thank my aunt and uncle because they taught me to be organized in life."

Since Niki was 13 years old, she has lived with her relatives. Now, Niki takes charge of her little cousins. Niki has strong family values; this is her ideal: "After marriage, I would like to live with my parents. I would like to have 1 son and 1 daughter. I can learn to cook a few dishes. But after I get married, I will probably place less emphasis on my career, but I can't retire from the entertainment industry entirely."

Perfect Career
Niki's dream was to pursue a career revolving around little animals. However, she entered the entertainment industry instead. In 2005, she acted in 'The Gentle Crackdown' and received TVB's Most Improved Female Actress Award. "I realized that you need experience in receiving awards. I was surprised and when I got on stage, I didn't know what to do. I was quite embarrassed. I am grateful to all the people that have given me many opportunities."
Niki's first album received good results. She will be focusing on preparing her second release, "My attention is focused on my album, so I don't have time to think about the various upcoming music awards. As long as I don't worry about the awards outcome, then when I do receive an award, it will be an even better surprise. If I don't receive any awards, I would not be disappointed. However, it would be wonderful if there are more opportunities to win awards in the future!" As a Virgo, how can Niki not pursue her ideal career of perfection? Even now, Niki continues to participate in charity work for little animals, so that she can satisfy her interest in taking care of them.

Getting Closer To Perfection
Because of her grandfather's interest, Niki decided to learn traditional Chinese dance. She has been practicing for 12 years. Because of her character role in 'The Gentle Crackdown', Niki said she wants to learn more kung fu. It's very hard to imagine Niki and kung fu in the same sentence. However, Niki has started a more suitable line of work, "Currently I write a column for a magazine. I want to improve my writing skills because I would love to write poetry. That's why I'm practicing now; I will definitely ask Wyman Wong Wai Man; he is very good!"

"I would also like to have more opportunities in theater. If I can act in a musical like 'Perhaps Love', that would great! I would like more opportunities related to performing, then I can achieve my goals step by step, making it closer to perfection."

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