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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Raymond Buys Gifts For Beloved Friends & Family

Raymond Lam will be leaving Hong Kong for mainland to film for 'Tai Gik' and will be staying there for three months. Before leaving, he had time to go shopping. He had purchased some daily supplies and presents. As a new year has arrived and always loving his family, he had bought presents for all of his beloved friends and family.

Himself: A Vest to Keep From Cold
He had bought himself a heating vest that was introduced to Hong Kong from Japan. In the vest has a heating pad and after plugging it in, it can keep warm for seven hours. It also has five different heating stages to choose from. Raymond thinks this vest really matches him and tried it on when shopping. It would be the best for him when he is filming in mainland so he had bought it without hesitation.

He had also saw an ice producing utensil and had wanted to buy it at first, but then lastly changed his mind. Raymond expressed, "This ice maker is very good and convenient. If it is summer now, I would have definately bought it. But now it's going to be really cold, so it's not neccesary to bring it to mainland."

Parents: Lovingly Delivers Warmth
Other than buying his own supplies, he has not forgotten about his families and friends. Ray has always been respectful, even though they don't spend much time together, they both are busy with their own things. Ray's parents spends most of their time in mainland for business. Aftering seeing a warm air blower machine, he immediately bought it for his dad because the weather in mainland is extremely cold. It would be useful for him to put it in his office or room to keep warm.

Brother: Childhood
After seeing a toy insect, he immediately bought it for his little brother. Ray expressed, "When we were little, we would always follow my dad to watch cricket fighting. At that time, we were not a wealthy family, but looking back at our unrestrained childhood is very joyful. My brother and I are 10 years apart; he has definately not played this toy insect that can have water put in it. It will certainly make him delighted when he sees this."

When Ray entered a Japanese toy and mechanics store, he was extremely happy and jumped for joy. Despite his usual 'cool cool' look, when he saw the dazzling toys, he had changed into a 'big child'. He had tried most of the toys and when he saw a robot that makes funny moves, he immediately had a smile on his face. Reminding him of his childhood, he said happily, "Recently I've been busy filming for series and no time for shopping. I never expected that now they have invented many different types of toys. I actually have a toy collecting habit."

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