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Monday, January 16, 2006

Raymond Lam Publicly Rejects Fala Chan & Sharon Chen

Ever since Raymond Lam entered the showbiz, he's been tied up by gossip. Besides having rumours holding him tight, there are also sayings that he has special care from the TVB executives and gets help from his father; therefore, he came to explain each of these rumours during an interview. He frankly expressed that Fala Chen and Sharon Chan, whom he has rumours with at the present time, will not become his girlfriend neither at present nor future time, because they are both not his cup of tea!

Raymond gives a feeling that he's low-profile. Even when facing rumours, he's never explained himself with a very high-profile attitude. He just wants to use practical action to show everyone that he isn't just a rich boy, but wants to create his own career with his talents and abilities.He said, "People who know me will know who I am. My family never questioned me once. As to depending on relations in order to film series, the crew behind the production isn't stupid. If you aren't able to pull it off in the first series, they wouldn't give you a second script.

As Raymond said, talents and abilities will prove everything. Recently, he finally won the "My Favourite Male Lead" award at the Astro Awards with 'Twin Of Brothers' Kau Chung.

Towards his rumoured girlfriends, Fala Chen and Sharon Chan, Raymond frankly expressed, "We're only friends. I can very certainly say that we won't have any chances of developing a relationship because they aren't my cup of tea. (Then what kind of girls do you like?) I like those who are smart yet know when to play dumb and a girl who can teach me things, but won't appear to be better than me. (That's a really big difficulty!) I agree. (Does she have to be in the showbiz?) No, I think O.L.s (Office Ladies) are pretty good."

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