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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Ron Ng Does Not Invite Ella Koon To Concert

Yesterday Ron Ng received a radio interview and expressed that for tonight's concert, he has invited good friend Bosco Wong, Bernice Liu, Niki Chow, and Jade Kwan as special guests. He has also invited rumored girlfriend Tavia Yeung to watch the show, but has not invited his other rumored girlfriend Ella Koon.

Yesterday Ella Koon has been late for work once again, and Ron expressed that you shouldn't be late for work. Will he telephone Ella to advise her? Ron joked, "She already knows. Should I call her and tell her that the reporters told you not to be late?"

Ron expressed that before he entered the showbiz, he has waited for a girl for two hours, he said, "I've waited for her for 2 hours at the Wongkwok train station. I phoned her, but she said he has to fix her look. I thought it was going to be a surprise, but then after all that, she still looked the same! (Did you meet up in the end?) Yes, but in the end we broke up peacefully! (Were you dumped?) She mentioned first!"

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