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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Ron Ng Gets Boo'd For Getting The Silver Male Newcomer Award

When giving out the Newcomer Awards and Toby got the bronze, Toby was really emotional. She cried out even before she said her 'Thank-Yous', making Eric Tsang tease her, "Are you thinking you got the wrong award?" Aside from that, when TVB's artist Ron Ng got the Male Newcomer Silver Award, there were boo's from everywhere. And when Justin who got the Male Newcomer Gold Award, he was teased by Eric Tsang, saying he's a person who can keep secrets because he's always wearing the hat; don't know if he has hair or doesn't, so he can keep secrets!

Before the awards, Niki Chow who has been seen as a big hit for the Female Newcomers, left without anything and didn't even get most Outstanding Performance Award. Afterwards, ten-to-twenty Niki fans left as a crew, showing their unsatisfaction!

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