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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Ron Ng Is Popular & Rejects Having A Meal With Louis Koo

Ron Ng, who changed from a being a dancer to being on-screen, in only 3 short years, he already became a highly promoted youngster at TVB. Lately, he also became a singer and his song ‘Miss Hermes’ is known from everybody in the streets as well as has been all over the news in Hong Kong. Some people describe his ‘road’ as sitting on a platinum helicopter because no energy is needed, but you’d already be in the sky. But he himself clarifies that he has pressure that nobody knows about as well.

Three years ago, Ron was dancing for Louis Koo and was recommended to be on-screen and in a short, three years, his popularity rose quickly. Other than becoming TVB’s heavily promoted youngster, he also had the chance to film a movie and lately is even recognized by a music company and released an EP in December, becoming a singer. Only having to ‘suffer’ for three years and is now recognized, everyone thinks Ron’s luck compared to all the ‘brothers and sisters’ who have ‘soaked’ for so many years already, is much better and feels like he’s sitting on a platinum helicopter.

He says, “I don’t dare to say whether or not I’m sitting on a helicopter and would only admit I’ve really gotten may chances in these few years. For example, all the directors and people who think I’ll make it, meeting them is my greatest benefit. Although now I’m contracted as a singer, but TVB is my first ‘family’, plus it’s my management company, the workload would stay the same and would balance itself.”

And Ron, who’s said to be given a ‘road’ that’s bright and clear, he disagrees with it, “I actually think my ‘road’ is harder to walk. There’s actually a lot of pressure that nobody knows of. When I first came out, I needed to pay for the rent and the car, then afterwards, there was the rumors…the negative rumors.” In fact, back then Ron was a dancer who got 6 thousand dollars a month and although it’s not considered a lot but there’s a lot of freedom. You only would need to go to work and get off work and can go to MongKok to shop without anyone caring.

Speaking of TVB’s Jade Solid Gold awards ceremony coming up, for him who’s honestly says awards should just come naturally, when asked whether he’s afraid of being said the awards are ‘fixed’ if he gets an award? His reaction is really big, “You can’t care too much about that. No matter what there’ll be people talking about it.” After all, awards are a needle for greater confidence.

Ron Ng’s outer appearance is really ‘Cool’ and can’t be separated from Louis Koo. Louis isn’t only his senior, both being seen from the public as ‘Mr.Cool’, but they would come out to eat secretly. Towards whether Louis is ‘cool’ or he is, Ron without a second though answers, “Of course he is because if you ask him one question, the most he’ll answer is two phrases or sentences. In the past, I might have been the same, but after entering the industry, I’ve became more ‘smooth’ and wouldn’t be as rough.”

But, because they’re too busy, there were a few times when Ron would call him saying he can’t take any time out and is asked (by Louis), “You’re even busier than me?” In reality, since he’s entered the industry, he never really had a proper vacation. But Ron thinks work is the real driving force because it’s a good thing if you have work in this business.

Usually, people have the impression that he’s very cool, but is actually a person with loads of love. In his house, he has three cats, one dog and a tank of fish. Ron states there used to be a German shepherd and another type of dog (‘tong gau’), but after he moved out by himself, he tried to own another type (‘fan gau”). Although usually working is hard enough, but after getting off work and going home to see them, anything built up disappears.

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