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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Ron Ng May Use Law To Deal With 'It'

TVB's popular youngster, Ron Ng, would open a solo music concert this Thursday and last night was practicing for the show with his guest performers. Asked Ron whether he feels more and more nervous, he says, "I'm starting to have pressure now. I'm worried the atmosphere at the show won't be good enough because I'm weak at talking, so I'm afraid I can't raise the atmosphere. Lately, I've been going over the script with the directors and would stay at home now to practice jokes. (Would you have any sexy dancing that night?) I've practiced all the dancing and there isn't a lot."

Also, Ron reveals lately there has been a reporter who rung his doorbell without permission and that made him very mad, he says, "Lately, there's has been something that's unhappy that occured. A reporter came to ring my doorbell and then hid aside. Maybe they want to take pictures of my face when I open the door. I already complained to the security and moving in earlier from another house was only not wanting reporters to follow and be troubled/disturbed. I'm really worried these actions would scare my family. (Did you plan to move away?) Nope, but if something similiar happens, I may take action using laws."

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Oriental Daily, Orisun


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