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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Ron Ng & Myolie Wu Interview

TVB's young hot actors Ron Ng Cheuk Hei and Myolie Wu Hang Yee have worked together in the last few series, such as 'Triumph In the Skies', 'Destinies of Western Chamber' ('Lost In The Chamber Of Love'), and upcoming 'Turbulent Times of Beauty'. As a result, both of them are very popular with the audience.

In this interview, we saw another side of Myolie and Ron. They talked about how they will be spending Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day; there is another side of attraction to them outside of acting....

Reporter: Are you willing to cook for your partner?

Myolie: Of course I wouldn't mind. I actually know how to make some cakes and desserts.

Ron: If I am able to cook with my girlfriend one day, having a candlelit dinner together would be very nice. I prefer it to be more quiet because I have to interact with a lot of people at work. So I would prefer it to be more quiet in my personal time. We don't have to eat Western cuisine; even simple homemade dishes can be quite romantic. Afterwards, we can watch movies, sing karaoke, and talk. It's that simple.
Reporter: What gifts would you give to each other?

Myolie: Haha, for Valentine's Day? For Ron? I would give him a girlfriend! Haha! I know Ron is busy lately with his recording ablum and practicing his dance choreography, so I would give him a very large mirror, so he can practice his dancing in front of it at home.

Ron: Maybe accessories for Myolie; I feel she is a constantly changing person. She once dyed her hair bright red and has tried a 60's look; she always has a fresh image. I would give her a large selection of accessories, then she can go home and pick her favorite.

Excited About Chinese New Year & Red Envelopes
Reporter: If you can add the following food to to be part of Chinese New Year dishes, which one would you choose: sushi, Italian pasta, pork chops, or hamburger?

Myolie: Sushi because the colors are very pretty. Also you can cut letters out of sushi. It would be cool to cut "Happy New Year" out of the sushi. Also it's very healthy; you won't get fat even if you eat a lot.

Ron: I would also pick sushi because the chinese meaning of it is prosperous for the New Year.

Reporter: Myolie has been in the entertainment industry for 6 years and for Ron, it has been 5 years. Since you are always busy working, do you have time to spend the holiday with family?

Myolie: Yes it's been very hard to schedule time with family because of work. However, as long as we are happy inside, then it can be New Year everyday! Undoubtedly, family will be a disappointed. But we don't always have to eat New Year's Eve dinner together; it can be supper or even breakfast! Haha....

Ron: Actually TVB is ok with the days off. Although there are no days off on birthdays and mid-Autumn festival, we do get approximately 3 days off every year. That's the first 3 days after Chinese New Year. The drama department doesn't have to work then. So I can spend time with family then.

Reporter: What do you like the most about Chinese New Year?

Ron: Of course getting red envelopes! Also on Chinese New Year, that's when every son and daughter have to pour tea for their parents.

Reporter: Although you're a grown man, you still pour tea for your parents?

Ron: Yes, it's part of Chinese tradition. Haha you pour tea to the elders hoping that the red envelopes would be larger.

Reporter: How did both of you celebrate your first Valentine's?

Myolie: I celebrated with my boyfriend then...haha I won't tell you the details though.

Ron: My first Valentine's was when I was 17. At the time I didn't have a lot of money, so we went to the beach to look at the ocean. I also bought her some flowers and a small gift. It was that simple.

Reporter: Myolie, then can you tell us about your most romantic Valentine experience?

Myolie (thought for awhile first): I was flying on an airplane; I saw the entire Pacific Ocean, saw the entire Hong Kong, haha....

Reporter: How would you like to spend the ultimate Valentine's?

Myolie: It has to be in a foreign country, in a very cold place. It would be snowing, but we would be warm in our down coats. As for dinner, I would like to cook dinner at home. It's very easy to make steak; you can cut the meat into heart shapes too.

Ron: I can also cook a little. When I was young, I followed my mother into the kitchen and insisted on cooking a few dishes myself.

[X] credit: Jayne @
Oriental Cuisine #40


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