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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Ron Ng Prepares For His First Mini Concert

After entering the music industry for only half a year, Ron Ng will be holding a mini concert on January 19th. To prepare for the performance, Ron was continuously practicing yesterday. He also joked that he will have a sexy performance in the show!

Ron expressed that he is only a newcomer in this music world and has never thought of having a concert that fast. Now having pressure, he said, "Right now I'm not worried about the dancing, but I still didn't memorize the lyrics yet!" After Bosco signed with BMA, Ron thinks it is a lucky piece of news because he would have another brother to share the pressure with, but they will not have any competition between them.

When asked what he thinks of Bosco's singing skills, he said, "I've only heard him sing 'Na Ja Jeun Kei'! (What do you have to teach Bosco?) Nothing, he has alot of helpers. But I would just tell him to be calm!" Ron expressed that on the night of the concert, he will invite Bosco, Niki Chow, Jade Kwan, Bernice Liu, and a secret guest as performers. When asked whether he would invite Ekin as one of the guests, he said, "I would want to if he's ok with it!"

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