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Friday, January 13, 2006

Ron Ng To Have Onscreen Kiss With Toby Leung

Yesterday Ron Ng, Toby Leung, Damian Lau, and others were at a costume fitting for new TVB series 《男人之苦》. Toby will be giving her first oncreen kiss to Ron and was said that he was the rumor 'king', Toby suddenly jumps away, and jokes, "Can you tell him to be rumored with another person?"

Other than having an onscreen kiss, Ron's character in the series is like a player who gets Toby pregnant. When Toby was asked whether she is worried that it will cause rumors, she said, "Don't get rumored with me! I've actually known Ron for a long time now, and I won't avoid him just because of this."

It is known that Toby's father has a high position in TVB, therefore she had a chance. Toby expressed that filming series and getting awards might lead people to think it's because of her relationship with her father, but she is already used to it.

Ron was asked whether he has 'gotten anyone pregnant' in real life, Ron then says with a big reaction, "What? I wouldn't even be here if I did! (It was said that you will be giving Toby an onscreen kiss. Are you afraid that you will affect her like Yan Yi?) It's only filming! I can't stop it if people really wants to complain."

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