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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Ron Ng Too Poor To Pay Taxes

Ron Ng and Kathy Chow attended the opening ceremony of a fashion clothing store, OMM, on Wednesday night. Ron is extremely happy with the fashion sponsors he has received this year. During the ceremony, Ron revealed that he has received his tax form and will be paying over $10 000 worth of tax. This is the largest amount of tax Ron has had to pay since entering the entertainment centre. Ron said that he is too poor to pay such a high amount of tax and will ask his family to lend him some money.

Ron said, “I will ask my family to lend me money and I will of course pay them back. I do not know where the money I earned went! I have to pay rent, car mortgage, living fees, buy clothes. The tax form will always come. Although it hurts to part with the money, in order to make a living, there is no other choice.” Ron hopes that more companies will sponsor him. He said, “If there are any car and apartment sponsors, it would be great it they could sponsor me!”

[X] credit: angelic_eyes25 @ Yahoo News


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