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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Ron Ng Wants To Find A Real Girlfriend Since Ella Is 'Out'

After Ron Ng and Ella Koon cooperated for TVB series 'Revolving Door of Vengeance', rumors has surrounded them for one full year. Now Ron even says out and boring, and announces that they need to find a 'new girl' on the spotlight.

Yesterday Twins, Kenny Kwan, Fiona Sit, Ivana Wong, Ella Koon and many others were filming for TVB's 'Jade Solid Gold'. Ron's rumored girlfriend Ella appears in numerous episodes and has different makeup on, perhaps there's a reason? Ron responds, "It's out already, old news. This rumor has been on for a year already. It'll be really boring if you continue on. I hope I can find a new one this year, not a rumored girlfriend, but a real one."

Ron expressed that he isn't picky and announced his ideal girlfriend, "I want to find a nice girlfriend that we can feel comfortable talking with each other, knows how to cook, not too short, must be pretty, and can be a proud girlfriend."

As with Ron 'bored' of Ella, she jokes, "Really? He really said that? Okay then! I will not question him and I don't want to find a new rumored boyfriend. I've been in the showbiz for three years already and I want to focus on work. I want the audience to remember my songs and not my rumors."

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