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Friday, January 20, 2006

Ron Ng's First Concert: Bosco, Niki, Bernice & Jade Perform

Ron Ng’s first concert since becoming under BMA management was held on Thursday night. Ron’s friends from the entertainment circle, including, rumoured girlfriend, Niki Chow, Bosco Wong, Bernice Liu and Jade Kwan performed at the concert. Although, Ron’s rumoured girlfriend, Ella Koon, did not attend the concert, fans kept shouting out her name during the performance.

During a performance, Bosco asked Ron what kind of girls did he like and if he liked girls with long hair and big eyes. Ron used Ha Ping and Janice Wei to dodge rumours.

At the concert, Ron and Niki sang ‘Goodbye Puppy Love’ (再見Puppy Love). Ron then sang ‘Don’t Blame Her’ (別怪他) with Jade. It was organised that after performing with Ron, Jade was suppose to sing by herself. But Ron forgot and called Niki up to the stage. Bernice sang ‘Remembrance Day’ (紀念日) with Ron, which received great reactions from the crowd.

After the concert, Ron was asked to give his performance a rating out of 10. Ron gave himself 7 points and said that he hopes to improve and will be able to achieve 100%. When asked to comment on fans catcalling Ella’s name, Ron said that he and Ella working together is the past and the past is the past.

On the other hand, Bosco brought up Ron’s rumours during the concert. When asked if he was afraid
Ron will be mad, Bosco said that he was just making fun. Bosco then went on to say that he did not hear fans calling out Ella’s name when asked by the media. Bosco stated that to be able to perform at this concert, he really enjoyed it. Bosco hopes to improve his singing and dancing to enter the music industry.

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Takungpao, The Sun


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