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Monday, January 23, 2006

Rumours Do Not Affect Michelle

Michelle Ye since leaving TVB has graced numerous magazine covers, and her popularity has soared rather than plummet. Yesterday, she won an 'Most Explosively Improved TV Actress Award'「勁爆電視飛躍演員」, and she said that she did not know if she had won it based on her role in 'Central Affairs' or 'The Herbalist Manual'. She thanked TVB for grooming her all these years, and ATV for their support and faith in her.

Although she has won an award, people seem to be more interested in her negative news. For example, when she attended an event in Macau with her godfather, there was talk about how she seized opportunities to take photos with her godfather close to him. When asked if she was afraid that the negative publicity would affect her career development, she replied, “Today’s award is a positive news, and those news that have no basis in truth, I don’t consider them to be negative news. (What about the news about your godfather?) They (the tabloids) made up the news, it’s their problem. During work, I will obey my company’s arrangements. There’s no reason to penalize myself or make myself angry based on others’ mistakes. (Will you try to maintain some distance between yourself and your godfather?) I have nothing to hide. These news won’t affect the way I handle things or live my life.”

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Takungpao, Ming Pao Daily


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