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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Sammul Chan Has To Leave

As opposed to Sammul Chan's lawyer image in 'When Rules Turn Loose', Sammul appeared today with blonde-dyed hair, to suit his role in 'Trendy Lawyer' as a rough character.

The always professional Sammul had to break his normal image, "The audience might be bored [with the same image all the time]. Although people have asked me whether I can act as a lawyer again!"

As a result, Sammul has challenged the acceptance level of the audience, also deciding to terminate his contract with TVB. He will be heading to China to expand his career. Whether Sammul will be successful or not is hard to say, but the will to change is a good start.

The World Outside
Like other TVB actors, Sammul works almost 24 hours per day. Our interview took place after Sammul has worked through the night without sleep. After Sammul wraps up 'Trendy Lawyer' with Adam Cheng and finishes the upcoming 'Cheen Wong Gee Wong' [aka 'The King of Swindlers'], he will head to China to make real money.

"More opportunities to make money is just one of the reasons. Making money is important, but I also want to learn more. I don't want to limit my working environment. The main reason I am leaving TVB is that they are unable to offer what I am looking for. I think emotional support for an artist is more important than work opportunities. As your career expands, there is increased pressure and negative rumors. I feel that I need someone who understands my needs, but the managers at TVB each have 5-6 artists they work with. Although they are unable to offer what I am looking for, they understand my choice."

Willing to sacrifice a big organization like TVB in order to find the right manager, Sammul is a person who needs his own sense of security. "This is what I have gained the most from the industry. During the course of my career, there have been people who have treated me well and not so well. I remember all of it. I am not going to seek revenge towards those who didn't treat me well, but I will remember and learn from the experience."

On the day of the interview, Sammul appeared as a judge for 'The Cruelest Bell'. One of the contestants was a little girl who had practiced her routine for 1 month. After Sammul disqualified her, the little girl ran off stage crying, but Sammul said calmly, "This is how the world operates; learning the lesson earlier is a good thing."

The world is harsh, maybe the little girl does not understand that yet, but Sammul has experienced it early on.

My Relationship with Fiona
"Once, I had a very good friend. Whenever he was unhappy, I would always encourage him. However it wasn't until a few years later that I found out he said a lot of bad things behind my back. I was very unhappy when I found out. I don't understand his mentality. What he did, was it to put me down and raise himself higher? Is it worth doing so at the expense of our friendship? If this friendship is so shallow, then I won't value it either. I just regret that from day one, I treated him so well!"

When Sammul spoke about the experience, he was visibly upset. As for his alleged disagreement with Fiona Sit, Sammul calmly faced them. "Honestly, Fiona and I get along fine. Because of this incident, we actually got to know each other more. Sometimes she will call me after she has watched my series to say I acted well. Yesterday, I bought a copy of Fiona's new album at Mongkok. Each time she released an album, she would sign it and send it to her friends. But as a friend, I will still buy another copy to help the sales."

Protecting Himself
Although Fiona and Sammul get along fine and can laugh off their rumors, Fiona is just a casual friend in Sammul's mind. "In my heart, I only have a few true friends that you can count in one hand. Most of them I have known for 10+ years. I am a very straight forward person, if I like it, I like it. If I don't like it, then I don't. If I can't be friends with someone, I won't treat him poorly, but would just keep a distance. Now I know how to protect myself."

Sammul is careful in meeting new friends. He is also especially careful of the reporter's questions during the interview. When asked about his relationship with his family, he said family members are the best in listening and supporting him. Asking Sammul about his love life, he said he has not dated anyone in the last few years. His most romantic gesture in the past was on his ex-girlfriend's birthday, he put her gift in the bathroom so that she can be surprised. In bringing up his ex-girlfriend, at least Sammul has invalidated past rumors that he was gay.

Being careful is a good way to prevent future betrayal. But being so careful, will it make Sammul happy? "Sometimes I'm unhappy, but I will think of ways to cheer myself up, such as meeting some friends for dinner after work. Basically, I am an easily happy person...."

Epilogue: Smile
During the interview, Sammul thought carefully about each question before answering. During the promotion event, he had to sing on stage and wanted to focus on his performance. It wasn't until after the event that he finished the interview and was more relaxed.

Sammul gave a more relaxed smile to the photographer. A smile will brighten up the day and help in de-stressing. Loosen up a little more, Sammul!

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