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Friday, January 06, 2006

Shirley, Bosco & Kate Attend Costume Fitting

Yesterday, Shirley Yeung, Bosco Wong and Kate Tsui attended the costume fitting of their new series, 千謊百計. In this series, Shirley’s character is a music talented girl, who cannot speak. So to portray this character, Shirley is learning the sign language and how to play the violin. At the function, Shirley showed the media some sign language signs. In ‘Always Ready’ Shirley played a disabled girl and now her new character is dumb, Shirley said, “Last time when portraying a disabled girl, I visited disabled people and spent time with them. Unfortunately, the ratings were not too satisfactory. I am a little bit disappointed.”

This is the first official TVB drama role Kate has accepted to play, making her quite nervous. Kate plays a pretty girl who has a split personality. When asked if her role will affect her real life, Kate pretended to the crazy and said, “I don’t understand!” When asked to comment on her rumours with Leon and Leon having a new girlfriend and if this has caused her to have a split personality, Kate said, “It is none of my business. When I accepted this role, I did not know about it.”

Bosco play a policeman in this drama. For this role, Bosco borrowed some antiques to look at. He will not bring the antiques to work while working on action series in case it gets broken. Bosco, who injured his foot, while working in the action series hopes that the injury will heal as soon as possible.

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