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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Steven's & Tavia's Ordeals Filming A Snow Scene

Steven Ma and Tavia Yeung star as lovers in upcoming TVB drama 'Land of Wealth'. Due to the necessity of the plot, the two have many opportunities to get up close and personal. In one scene, Steven faints in the snow, and Tavia, in order to save her beloved, looks for him in the swirling snow, and upon finding him, clasps him to her.

In order to film this romantic snowy scene, the team had to specially fly to China to film it. They even used chemicals on the snow so as to get the big puffy snowflakes for maximum effect.
“The chemical used to create the snow was extremely smelling (very ammonic) and stung my eyes. At the beginning, the director was afraid that the chemicals would hurt the eyes, had wanted to use flour to create our eyes. But they left a faint yellow stain on the ground, so he had to resort to the chemicals instead. I accidentally got some into my eyes, and I had to use an eyewash to wash them,’ said Steven.

To make it more realistic, during filming, Steven had to totally relax his limbs, and let Tavia carry him. Tavia did not expect Steven to totally act lifeless, and when the time came to lift him off the ground, she couldn’t. It was with much effort that they finally managed to complete the scene, but the hard work was worth it – everyone was very satisfied with the way it turned out.

This is Tavia’s first time working with Steven, and she said that for such intimate scenes, it might have difficult for her as a female, and she might have been embarrassed. However, Tavia did not experience such feelings. “Having worked with Steven for several months, we have turned from strangers into friends. Steven is very easy to get along, and he is very focused during work. However, when he’s playful, it can be a real headache. I even call him “fool”; we get along pretty well,” she said.

Both are professional actors. “as long as you immerse yourself into the character, and don’t think too much, the scenes (no matter how awkward) will turn out naturally.” Although she had to suffer through the ammonic snow, kneel, tug and carry Steven for the scene, Tavia felt that it was worth it.

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