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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Toby & Ella Gets Stranded With 40 Snakes

Last night Toby Leung and Ella Koon was filming a 'living in a snake house' scene for a charity. The snakes in the house already had their teeth pulled out, causing the scene to be bloody. It also caused the scene to have a bad smell, scaring Toby and Ella till they had tears!

Yesterday for a charity, Toby and Ella were put in seperate rooms with 40 snakes and had to pop the balloons. Earlier TVB already had the snakes' teeth pulled out, but it still caused quite a scene. The two of them were so scared that they cried! Angela Tong then had to put her hand in a box full of snakes, and had raised 600,000HK for the whole event.

Afterwards Toby was asked whether she thought the event was cruel, she said, "I didn't think about it then. Even though their teeth were pulled out, they were still aggressive!" Ella was so frightened that she had a foot convulsion, "I will be scared to go up to the mountains now!"

Regarding the dislike of this event, the show producer pointed out that the snake has been taken care of with professionals and TVB has no contact with the snakes. As with the bloody scene, he said, "There was? Let me watch the clip first." The spokesman of the Hong Kong Loving Animals Society disagreed on this event. They expressed that they shouldn't use any animals for performances and shouldn't have stranded the snakes in a box. After pulling their teeths out, it will cause major harm to their health.

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