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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

TVB Weekly #447

2006 - Dance, The Music Industry
*note: the things inside () are TVBsquare thoughts.

Ron and Bernice, the two of them didn't work together before (that's not true! they had a calendar photo shot together!), and didn't have any rumors yet.

However, there are three similar things about them. They both dance, both are filming TVB series, both are singing TVB themesongs and sub-themesong.

Ron already passed all three gates, "Don't Blame Her" marks his success year, and brings his first CD single "The Fast Pass", which catched the last bus of the music industry in 2005. He is also busy preparing the first CD in January.

Bernice was able to conqueror the language problem (she doesn't speak Cantonese so well before), her characters were really different in different series. She also sang the themesong for "Into Thin Air", which marks her way to the music industry.

This time, Ron becomes her fellow apprentice, helping Bernice many ways in "dance", "acting", and "singing".

It all begins with the TVB Weekly, featuring Ron and Bernice as the cover, which is a new year gift for both of them.

Part 1 - Ron Ng Feature

Fast Change
Even Ron himself doesn't really know how he steps into the music industry. After joined the Dancers' Training class number seven, he became a dancer for three years, he danced for Aaron Kwok, and thinking he will be dancer all his life. Because of a lucky chance, Ron joined the television industry. After another three years, the single "Don't Blame Her" makes him as a singer.

"At first, I didn't think I will become an actor or singer, if I thought about it, I will go to the Actors' Training class, and will be classmates with Raymond Lam." (lol. he always talks about Ray in his interview, great pal)

Fast Sold Out
As Ron steps into the Music Industry, Ron tries to change himself, the first single contains slow and fast songs. Ron got lots of supports from the audiences.

"I heard from my coworkers, the EP was sold out at the big music stores. Because it was a limited edition, and only has 2005 copies, plus, this was the first Ron EP, sold out fast, which is worth to collect." (true that! I got my 1/2005th of it ;-)

Next Fast
The first single was out and sold out less than a month, Ron was busy to get the second CD release in January.

"I already finished recording all the songs, and see if the company wants to add new songs or not. About eight or nine songs. (yeah!!!!) This time, there are also slow songs and fast songs."

Fast Challenge
As for fast song or slow song, Ron didn't say which one he likes the most. But he says fast songs and dance movements are easy to express more feelings, which he does really well. (speechless. I don't need to say anything to support this part)

"Slow songs are very comfortable to sing, but in terms of expressing feelings, fast songs are better. On the stage, there are a lot of things need to be learned in order to sing fast songs, like the dance movements and the lyrics."

"The main difference between singer and actor is that, the singers need to handle the pressure on the live stage, there is no NG. The singers also need to use short time to perform a song, and tries the best to show the audiences. There are also a lot of shows to do, everyday, there are three or four activities, such as doing interviews, performing shows at the malls, etc."

Fast Release
The first CD (talking about the upcoming one, not the EP) was like a confidential secret, Ron says, "Don't know much about the content or look. Just hope to bring a true Ron Ng to the audiences. (Like pictures that shows Ron in the real life, cooking for family, he cooks! hang out with friends, etc)

Ron had a little break from filming the series, and he can't wait to return after finish the CD promotion. "At the end of January, I will film a modern series, not sure if I will have the chance to sing the themesong or not. Chances are along with the destiny. (so true) Just like people asking me if I want to have an award in the music industry or not. If I do get an award (which, he did), then, it's a good, completes my wish, and also a good way to thank my fans."

Part 2 - Bernice Liu Feature

Bernice started to learn dancing when she was four, she participated in International Dancing contest when she was five (amazing!). At the beginning, she thought she will be a dancer, however, she joined the Miss Asia contest, and therefore, join the television industry. After many chances, Bernice was able to show her dancing skills. She is getting a brighter future in 2006.

"Able to have my first song, and learn Chinese. Even though I didn't get a chance to release a CD, but I am still happy. At the contests before, I lost, however, that doesn't matter, and I didn't give myself a lot of pressure. Give myself more time to study Chinese, study the meaning of the lyrics, and the producers were willing to help me, every single word and note. The time between learning lyrics and singing the song is short, however, everyday I am practicing with listening to MD."

The first time recording the themesong for "Into Thin Air", no one knows who sing it, then they heard it's Bernice's first song, everyone was little surprised.

"I remembers when I was trying to remember the lyrics, I was trying to pronounce every single word. Chinese is not my native language, and Cantonese is very different from English. A lot of words need to learn, and I need a lot of preparation, the good thing is that, I was able to link the song to the series, so I can match the feeling."

Dancing and singing, relate to music closely. now, Bernice has the chance to combine the two.

"I grew up in Canada, and I really like Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce. Like Jennifer Lopez, who is also a dancer, then became a singer. Her steps are very natural. I think my career is similar to hers. Like Ron is also a dancer first, his CD has slow and fast songs, it's a good growing step. Dancing will make you getting more familiar to the music, just like tap dance, it's really unqiue."

Bernice was surprised and happy to step into the music industry, she hopes she can listening to songs every day. What does she worry about the most?

"Of course, the lyrics. My Chinese is not so good, English lyrics will be much better. I hope I can sing and dance at the same time, but need to practice more on that."

Bernice has worries, but she also works really hard, and her future is bright.

"I am very happy to be in the television industry, and tried many different roles. But I also know it will be really different in music industry. Like Ron, he devloped a man look (so true!). I really hope someday, one song can represent me, and I can also write a song, produce a song with a partner."

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