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Sunday, January 01, 2006

TVB Wins 12 International Awards

TVB has won a total of 12 international awards this year, and in order to show its appreciation to both its on-screen and off-screen employees, it organised an event yesterday, and it was attended by artistes like Liza Wang, Dodo Cheng, Myolie Wu, Gigi Lai, Joey Leung, etc.

War of In-Laws won the Best Publicity Clip (Gold) award in the 2005 Cantonese TV Awards held in China 「2005電視推廣大獎(中國)」. Both Myolie and Liza went on stage to collect their award, and Liza said that she was very happy that WOIL was able to win acclaim both locally and internationally. She also said that she would start filming on a 1960s musical in March next year.

Myolie did not win any awards at the TVB Anniversary this year, but she has won 4 awards outside Hong Kong, tow of which were awards for outstanding characters she has played. In fact, she will be visiting Malaysia shortly to collect an award. She said that this year’s bumper crop of awards is an affirmation of 6 years of hard work, and she feels very encouraged by it. When asked if she felt she was gaining more recognition outside of TVB, she laughed and said, “You can’t say that! Actually, I do want to win an award within TVB, but this year, they cancelled the My Favourite Characters’ Awards.”

Myolie also said that she hoped to have the opportunity to film a movie. However, next year, TVB will be promoting her singing career, so she is likelier to win a newcomer award on the music scene than an Oscar’s.

Hot on the heels of her awards are the many business opportunities that have presented themselves to Myolie. In fact, she will be greeting the new year with a stage appearance. When asked if she found it painful to pay her hefty taxes, she said painfully, “This year, my taxes will be a 6-digit figure. Of course it will be painful; it feels as if I’m cutting off a pound of my flesh.”

Myolie had wanted to buy a piece of property as a form of investment, but she has been scared off by the high prices. She has been burnt before in her other investments, losing all her hard-earned money, and now, she would rather save her money instead.

Although currently on leave, Gigi Lai attended the event as well. She said that since acting in serials, she had never won any international awards. War and Beauty has been over for so long, so she also did not expect to win any awards for that. Gigi went to Japan for a holiday earlier, and when asked to verify reports that she had stayed in her hotel room for 24 hours, she said, “What’s wrong with that?” Gigi will be filming a new serial in February next year.

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