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Friday, January 06, 2006

Twins 'The Missing Piece' Concert Starts In HK

The 4 show ‘Twins- The Missing Piece Concert’ started on Wednesday night. Besides singing performances, Gillian Chung and Charlene Choi had 20 minutes each to do a special performance. Charlene performed a sad love story while Gillian showed off her martial arts skill by singing and fighting at the same time. The performances received loud applauses from the audience.

Maybe because it was the first show, many funny accidents occurred. Gillian’s shoe fell off and because of the timing was not right, she was not able to put of her wrist and knee pads. Charlene’s mistakes were even hilarious, as she was wearing a revealing costume, many pieces of production paper were stuck on her body to make sure she does not reveal too much. But as she was singing, the pieces of paper fell off and Charlene was also filmed peeling the some off!

Charlene’s sad love story is about a triangle love affair. In the story, she falls in love with a man but unfortunately, the pair does not end up together. Charlene even sang her rumoured boyfriend’s ex girlfriend, Miriam Yeung’s song, 假如讓我說下去. Charlene also invited her father to be the guest performer, a footage of Charlene’s dad singing ‘下一站天后’ was shown. On the stage, Charlene said that when her father was 30, he looked like Ekin Cheng but after 30, he turned into George Lam. Her father’s latest goal was to sing in the Hong Kong Coliseum and as his daughter, Charlene has helped her father achieve the goal.

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