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Monday, January 09, 2006

Twins Recieves Their First European Award

Twins, to thank the support of their fans, held a celebration party. Over 300 fans from around world came to this party.

Charlene Choi, who had a sore throat, along with Gillian Chung said hello in different languages. Gillian, whose birthday is on the 21st of this month, received some ‘birthday buns’ from her fans. Gillian said that her birthday wish was to be healthy and to accomplish matters without trouble. At the celebration party, Charlene and Gillian received many presents. The most hilarious present was from a European fan who gave a ‘My Favourite Concert’ trophy to Twins. When receiving this present, Charlene laughed and said that this was the first European award they have ever received.

Many fans gave chopsticks to Twins, hoping that Gillian and Charlene will stay as a pair. A Singaporean fan even used their names to donate money to a charity. When receiving massaging slippers from a Taiwanese fan, Charlene asked why they did not come with batteries. A Beijing fan gave Twins ‘propitious three treasures’ while a Hong Kong fan gave Gillian and Charlene rhinoceros horn. Thankfully, the rhino horn was only a replica and not the real thing.

After the celebration party, Twins and their workers went to sing karaoke for the whole night. Some people also got drunk from drinking too much alcohol. Due to not enough sleep, Charlene had a sore throat, making her sound like a man. After finishing their concert, Twins had a day off and then went to Beijing to attend a music award ceremony. The funniest thing is that Mani used Andy Lau to make them attend the award ceremony because Andy would be there. Mani said that Andy had given teddy bears to Twins and has wished them good luck for their concert, making Twins extremely happy.

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