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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

"Rumour Queen" Michelle Ye At Grand Opening Of "Olaf Mooij"

"Rumour Queen" Michelle Ye attended a hairstyle/vehicle conference yesterday. She was also arranged to dance with some foreign male dancers; it appeared to be very intimate. Michelle expressed that she doesn't entirely object to dating foreign males, but strongly noted that she's not a girl who is casual to relationships.

Michelle Ye, Marsha Yuan, Timmy Hung, and Shermon Tang attended the grand opening of "Olaf Mooij" yesterday, and they acted as models to portray many different hairstyles and attracted many passer-bys. Michelle appeared with the identity of special guest and was arranged to dance intimately with foreign male dancers. Afterwards, she said, "We have practiced twice before already. This function is pretty interesting because I'm dancing and doing a catwalk at the same time."

Recently having many rumours, Michelle frankly expressed that she doesn't object to dating foreign males, she said, "I'm not exactly casual to relationships. For example, there was a foreign male asking me out for a date last week, but I ended up rejecting him. I only appear to be open-minded on-screen; I'm quite a conservative person in my personal life."

Michelle had her birthday a while ago, and she revealed that she received many presents. It includes jewelry and a bouquet of 999 white roses, she said, "Because my friends know that I don't like to receive gifts that are too expensive, so they don't give me gifts that are too expensive. Though a friend gave me a bouquet of white roses which was about 10,000HK$, but I liked it."

Also, Marsha expressed that it's been a year since she's attended a function as such. Reporters saw that she has gained a few pounds, Marsha replied that it could be because she's wearing white, but could she be pregnant? Marsha said, "That's impossible because I don't have a boyfriend at the moment."

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Charlene Will Not Comment On Ronald's Injury

Twins, Kenny Kwan, Ella Koon, Isabella Leung and Yan Ng yesterday attended the award ceremony of a no smoking in schools poster competition.

Earlier, Charlene’s rumoured boyfriend, Ronald Cheng, injured himself when filming. Ella, who was filming at the time, did not know how to face Charlene because she was one of the culprits. She had been kicking and punching Ronald in the scene. Ella said, “Maybe I did not make him injure himself. But I will still ask how he is.”
Charlene did not want to think about this issue and would not comment on it. Gillian helped Charlene answer the questions from the reporters by saying, “It is hard to avoid injuries when filming. I won’t say anything more, in case the more I say the more trouble I cause!”

Besides Twins, other members of EEG have love luck this year. Don Li was caught meeting up with Miss Hong Kong 2005, Tracy Yip for 45 minutes. Gillian expressed that friends visiting each other is not an uncommon thing and it would be more like 15 minutes because the media will exaggerate. Are they two in love? Twins said that they did not know but feel that the two are just friends. When commenting on EEG singers having love luck, Charlene said jokingly that their company had set up peach blossom power because having love luck is important to artists. This is because it causes them to be popular among people.

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Monday, February 27, 2006

Ron Ng Said He Could Not Feel Toby Leung's Upper Chest

Ron Ng Cheuk Hei, Toby Leung Ching Kei, Damien Lau Chung Yan, and Louisa So Yuk Wah were filming a scene for new series "The Pain of Being a Man." Ron had to walk on a pebbled path while carrying Toby on his back. Ron endured quite a bit of feet pain and said he could not feel Toby's upper chest against him despite their close contact.

The scene spoke of Ron, Toby, Louisa and Damien attending a newlywed camp. Ron had to carry Toby on a pebbled path and he shouted out in pain. In contrast, Damien and Louisa filmed the scene easily.

Afterwards, reporters asked Ron if he was able to feel Toby's upper chest while carrying her? Ron said, "I had no feeling! I could only feel the pain in my feet! Actually my stomach hasn't been feeling well, with frequent stomach discharges. I should go for a body check. Now I easily feel cold. The doctor said I don't drink enough soups and that my condition is induced by stress from work."

As Ron said he did not feel anything, Toby said she doesn't mind. "All men are the same! But Ron is not my cup of tea!"

Yesterday was also Toby's 23rd birthday. Reporters requested Ron to give Toby a birthday kiss, but he refused. Ron shook his head and joked that they already filmed a lot of kissing scenes for the series, so they have kissed enough. But Ron has given a present to Toby already.

Toby said, "Normally I am very disorganized with my papers. So Ron gave me a paper organizer/dispenser." Does Toby like Ron's gift? "Yes! My other friends gave me a braclet, jeans, I like them all." What is Toby's birthday wish? "Good health, that this year is better than last year. I hope 'The Pain of Being A Man' gets high ratings!"

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Sharon's & Tavia's Hair Troubles

Sharon Chan yesterday attended an event that was related to hair yesterday. As she has been filming lots of period dramas recently, her hair has suffered from lots of breakage, and was dropping out. She had to use special shampoo and avoid colouring her hair to take care of it. However, as her popularity has been increasing recently, she said that she would not ask the company to reduce her period drama roles.

With lots of guys balding early, Sharon said she did not mind men who shaved their heads as they were balding. She feels that they look cool! Responding to Rain Li’s comments about Raymond and herself (the playboy comment), she said that Rain did ask her about their relationship, but she had denied that there was one.

Tavia Yeung was also present at the event, and she too has had lots of her hair drop out thanks to filming her current period drama. The problem is actually quite serious, and she had to see a doctor to treat it.

She said that later on, she would be flying to The Philippines together with Bobby Au-Yeung and Bosco Wong for filming, and when asked if she was worried about the political instability, she replied, “not really, as we would mostly be in the tourist area. If the situation does get worse, the company will definitely make other arrangements.”

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TVB's Recruitment Exercise Draws A Huge Crowd

Seeing Hong Kong Cable Television’s entertainment news channel do so well, TVB struck back by creating its own entertainment news channel. They managed to lure back veteran news host Xu Yong Shan (余詠珊) and also held a massive recruitment exercise for more programme hosts at Causeway Bay yesterday.

Besides Xu Yong Shan, they had also invited Nancy Wu and Kevin Cheng to form the judging panel. As of 4pm yesterday, several thousand people had joined the auditions, with some people starting to queue as early as 7am that morning. With the queues stretching from the hotel which was the venue for the auditions to a nearby school, both the organizers and the hotel had to dispatch some 30 security guards to help with the crowd control.

Most of the interviewees’ performances were unique and one of the judges said, “Quite a lot of the interviewees have returned to HK from overseas, with those from Canada forming the largest number. There are also more guys than girls." Apparently, one of the criteria was that the interviewees had to be a HK citizen. However, there were many Mainland Chinese and foreigners trying their luck at the auditions as well. Although they did not qualify, they refused to take no for an answer, and refused to leave.

Kevin had nothing but praise for most of the interviewees. “They were fluent and could speak several languages. However, a large number lacked personality, and because of that, lagged behind the competition.”

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Interview: Love Is Like Malt Candy For Charmaine Sheh

Charmaine Says Her Love Life Is Like Malt Candy, Difficult To make A Clean Break.
June 2002, the rumors between Charmaine and Benny Chan Ho Man started to circulate until today for 3 years and 8 months. In regard of her relationships, Charmaine described it as eating malt candy “You can’t finish eating it but yet it refuses to break off even by stretching.” Such a saccharine sweet reply. While the guy has tons of rumors, Charmaine expressed that she is the perfect romantic girlfriend type, calmly expressed that she does not worry about getting married.

Love Story – Love At First Smile
In recent years, filming new series has occupied 90% of Charmaine’s time, with the rest for sleeping and personal activities. However, in regard of her love life, for the past 3 years and 8 months there were non-stop rumors with Joe Ma, Ding Zi Gou, Chilam and so on but the rumor which lasted the longest was with Benny Chan. Yesterday when Charmaine was having this interview, they mention about love and found out what Charmaine wants out of love was really simple: “Most importantly is feeling happy whenever seeing him, there’s no need to hide, this is the best kind of love.”

Still Observation Period
Charmaine frankly admitted that there is someone who makes her happy by just looking at them, but unfortunately the time to see them is very limited. Is that person Benny Chan? Charmaine only smiled sweetly: "There's a lot of people who makes me happy by just looking at them. Whether we really can develop further; this need time, communication, understanding , going through this kind of process. We are not 18, 19 years old; who are without responsibilities, falling in love at first sight, dating and breaking up as you like, having to explain everything to other people. I'm not that kind of person; I have studied alone and lived own my own for so long, I never required to answer to anyone. Having to explain everything to the whole world is too troublesome, so let's just wait and see."

Charmaine and Benny's rumor started in June 2002 when they were filming "Love is a Butterfly". The next year, she mentioned she was still in observation period with Benny. Since it's already 3 years, what are the observed results? She said: "He's often away from Hong Kong, how to observe? We rarely see each other, everything has to depend on timing."

"I'm A Good Girlfriend"
When asked to describe her relationship with Benny Chan, she unexpectedly gave this answer: "It's like malt candy, you can't finish it but you can't break it off either. What I meant was he has became my rumored boyfriend for so long." Whether the relationship is as sweet as malt candy, Charmaine laughed: "I'm not telling! It'll be too sweet to finish the whole stick of malt candy, it takes a long time for development."

Benny Chan was constantly surrounded by rumors, but Charmaine defended him. She said: "I actually don't know much, never read the entertainment news, whatever he does are not for me to control. We're both in the entertainment circle; we understand the media technique of publicizing stuffs. Whether we have trust is not important, because we have not reach that stage yet. Let's just wait if we really get started."

Nowadays, female celebrities seems to be getting married late. The 30 years old Charmaine does not consider having children, so will she be worried about not getting married then? She replied: "No worries, not that desperate yet. I am a good girlfriend, but I am a girlfriend without time (very busy). I'm still good friend with my ex-boyfriend, and if I'm really those weak types, then I would not be able to keep in contact (with him). At the same time, I put effort into making another person happy, I'm those romantic types."

No Leisure To Date Pursuers

Actually, Charmaine certainly does not lack potential pursuers. However, it's either failed or the feeling has changed even before getting deeper. "It's difficult to take the first step. People outside entertainment circle can't understand why we don't have time, they asked you out 10 times but you said busy for 10 times. Are you joking? Maybe you don’t like me after all, since you always said no. I can't do anything about this, but it's better not getting started than ending up worst."

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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Ronald Cheng Injured From Filming Movie

Ronald Cheng has injured himself while filming for his new movie, 至尊無賴. The doctor has confirmed that Ronald has fractured his rib and will have to rest for at least 6 weeks. This means that all his work must be stopped which may affect his concert in April.

Ronald’s song, 'Rascal', has been a huge successful in the previous year and so has his singing and acting career. This is why his company planned for him a concert. But as it looked too good for Ronald, Justin Lo appeared. With rumours about his ‘m’ shape hair growth and Gia Lin he slightly overshadowed Ronald. Ronald’s original concert date was also taken by Justin. It hasn’t been so good for Ronald after all.

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Moses Chan Afraid Of Rumours

As part of his appearance in a shopping event, Moses Chan appeared yesterday at Tsimshatsui to participate, much to the delight of his fans. He laughed and said that although he was “sponsored” from head to toe, but because he has been spending much time in China, in order to catch up with fashion trends, he has to shop a bit.

He said that when he first entered the business, he blew his first month’s paycheck on new clothes. He only learnt to save much later on. When asked if he would accompany a female on her shopping trip, Moses replied, “No. I’m such a fodder for gossip. The moment I appear together with a female, there will surely be lots of gossip following.”

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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Ella Koon: Feelings Hurt? Has Resistance To Males?

There have been rumours that Ella and Ron are having an argument and has hurt each other's feelings. Yesterday, Ella attended a camera function and displayed the resistance to the males. The night before, Ella had attended a safety function and played games with the firefighters. When asked by the reporters if she would like a boyfriend who is handsome, Ella replied "Handsome guys don't have conscience! And work is currently my first priority!." (Did you exchange numbers with any of the firefighters?) "I don't exchange phone numbers, unless it's my colleagues!."

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New & Old Fa Dans Sonija Kwok & Margie Tsang Praises Each Other

Margie Tsang is a guest host for the radio program “The Family World” and she invited Sonija Kwok for an interview yesterday. Margie and Sonija are two television fa dans, but at a different time. The two of them were talking a lot about the amusing things when filming series. It is very rare that Margie and Sonija suits ancient as well as modern settings. The same goes for Charmaine Sheh and Tavia Yeung. However, Myolie Wu is more suitable for modern series.

says that she likes watching Margie’s performances and hopes that she would pick up acting again. Sonija revealed that she will film a modern series in March and as she now has vacation, she plans to travel through Southeast Asia with her mother. But she suddenly received a message from the paparazzi asking her where she will be travelling. She says: “If one has to go travelling like that, then it loses all sense. What if my mother wears a bathing suit, she doesn’t like to be taken her pictures, so my family didn’t want to go!” The reporter said that the paparazzi was probably only interested in the pictures of her new love. Sonija said that she rather finds a journalist to reveal it and then everyone could even take pictures. She frankly says that when someone sneakily take her pictures, it is best for them that she doesn’t discover them. It is like magazines secretly take pictures after artists have shared their love with the magazine, she really doesn’t agree with such a procedure. She also expressed that she doesn’t like to make news for a magazine like that. Although, it didn’t go like planned, she smiles that she still won’t waste her vacation. Every day, she is watching VCD’s at home now.

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Rain Li Hints That Raymond Lam Is APlayer

Yesterday Mulberry had their 2006 Spring Leather Accessories show. The guests present included Raymond Lam Fung, Bernice Liu Bik Yi, Rain Li Choi Wah, Cathy Tsui Tsi Kei, Yumiko Cheng Hei Yi, model Amanda Strang etc. The media's attention was focused on Rain Li and Raymond Lam, as they were a past rumored couple.

Rain attended the event by wearing a low-cut flower dress. Rain said that she knew beforehand that would be present at the event, also saying that RaymondRaymond appeared to be quite calm at the event.

Rain said, "I watched Raymond's latest series 'Lethal Weapons of Love and Passion.' If the show has Sharon Chan in it, I would definitely watch it. Earlier for his birthday, I sent him a text message. But he couldn't meet up for dinner because he was in China filming at the time."

Since Rain's good friend, Sharon Chan, has been rumored to be dating Raymond, Rain said, "I asked Sharon about it, but she said the dating rumors are false. Sharon said that she is looking for a long-lasting relationship; she is not looking for a short fling."

Is Rain implying that Raymond is a player in love affairs? "I don't know; I'm just repeating what Sharon told me."

Maybe Sharon is dating Raymond, but not sharing the news with Rain? Rain responded, "I trust Sharon since we are good friends. If they are really together, she would tell me." Rain also said that if Raymond and herself were to do a fashion catwalk together, she will not feel embarrassed, but there might be new sparks.

Rain also said that she is not currently dating, but this year her fortune will bring good luck in love affairs. Is it Siu Ding Yat? "I've known him for 2-3 years. If we were to date, it would have happened a long time ago. I prefer love at first sight, but I have not met the right person yet."

As for Raymond, he had explained earlier that he only has a brother-sister relationship with Sharon. When he found out rumored ex-girlfriend Rain was also present, Raymond said, "[The rumors] are from so long ago."

What does Raymond think of Rain now? "She has lost a lot of weight; she looks good!"

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Friday, February 24, 2006

Ella Koon's Ideal Bf Must Know How To Work Machines

Yesterday Ella Koon attended a World Fire Preventing function and watched a bunch of firefighters compete. She pointed at a French guy and said, "I want to see French firefighters." She also revealed her ideal boyfriend, "He needs to be small, but built. He absolutely cannot be skinny and must be a genius at working machines so he can fix whatever breaks in the house." Regarding rumored boyfriend Ron Ng being pretty built, she said, "It's enough, don't say it anymore. Rumors can't be 'flinged' away like mosquitoes."

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Bosco Wong & Sammul Chan Fight Over Kate Tsui

Bosco Wong Chung Chak, Sammul Chan Kin Fung, and Shirley Yeung Si Kei were filming for "Thousand Lies Various Schemes." In the scene, Bosco and Sammul have a fist fight over a pregnant Kate Tsui Tsi San.

Bosco suspects that Sammul is a swindler intending to cheat Kate of her family wealth. Bosco and Sammul launch into an argument, which results in a fist fight.

Yesterday, Sammul was suffering from old back pains as a result of his last car accident. Most of Sammul's action sequences were done by a stunt person. Sammul said, "I am not made of glass [being fragile], but my old pains came back today. I have been seeing an acupuncturist, so it is better now!"

Reporters asked Bosco if he has text messaged rumored girlfriend, Myolie Wu Hang Yee, who is currently filming in China. Bosco laughed and said, "She hasn't contacted me, so why should I contact her? Just joking! Since she is in China, I haven't spoken to her."

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Myolie Wu Afraid Of Gaining Weight, Sticks To Bean Curd Diet

Myolie Wu Hang Yee is currently in Kunming filming for TVB's "Tai Chi." The filming and resting schedules are quite regular; Myolie has been rising early and eating 3 meals per day.

However, since the food in Kunming tends to be oily, Myolie is afraid that she will gain weight. Myolie carries canned bean curd and dace fish with her at all times. If she sees that the food served is overly greasy, she can always eat the canned food.

TVB will be releasing a compilation CD of theme songs, of which Myolie's theme song will be included. Myolie said, "I brought the lyrics of the song with me. Whenever I have time, I will practice it at the hotel. When the production crew heard me sing it, they said it sounded good!"

"If I have a chance, I would like to sign with a music company to release my own album. Also, I would like to take singing and dancing classes. They would be helpful for my career."

This is the first time that Myolie has been to Kunming. When she saw wildflowers which were as tall as her waist, growing over the entire field, Myolie took a lot of photos. "The flowers resemble sunflowers; the blossoms are huge! They are very pretty!"

"Actually the strawberries in Kunming are very delicious too! They are very big and sweet. If I buy $30 yuan of strawberries, it is enough to feed my whole family." Since there are so many delicious things to eat in Kunming, Myolie is afraid of gaining weight. That is why she would prefer to eat canned bean curd rather than the greasy food.

Co-star Vincent Zhao has announced he will be getting married with his girlfriend this year. Before Myolie heard the wedding news, she had seen Vincent with his girlfriend on the set together. Myolie is very happy for them and wishes them a happy marriage.

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The Sun, Appledaily

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Raymond Lam: The Role Suits Him Well

Earlier, when filming for “Tai Chi”, it was the first time that the reporter saw TVB rising siu sang Raymond Lam. With his energetic personality, he appears to be very much at ease when filming. And when he doesn’t need to film, he is chatting and laughing with the people around him. He also doesn’t forget to satisfy each fan’s request.

No Colleague As Girlfriend
As he is very handsome, does he frequently revolve around beautiful women? “No, I don’t. You don’t know how fierce the Hong Kong paparazzi are. When I and a female friend or maybe a colleague are at a same place, they will write that she is my rumoured girlfriend. Therefore I will have no beautiful women around me.” When asked which type of girl he likes, he didn’t mind sharing: “Generous, open and bright. It is also very important that her looks are pleasing to the eyes, because the feeling that a girl gives with her first impression is important. You will naturally want to get in touch with her. To know if you suit each other, you can only know that after you have made contact.”

As he is very busy with work, Raymond hasn’t got a girlfriend. If he wants to find love, he expressed that he will definitely not look for a girlfriend in the entertainment circle. “I believe that when two people are together, they each have to have their own personal space. If I find a girlfriend from the entertainment circle, then we will see each other at work and when we get off work we will also see each other. You will easily get fed up with that person. I am someone who doesn’t like people to say what I should and must do. And I also don’t like it when people are always asking me what I am doing at the moment. When looking for a girlfriend, her character can’t be too similar to mine. She certainly has to be able to understand me.”

Want To Be An Idol And A Capable Artist
In recent years, Raymond has been idolised by many female fans. He was put by his fans in an idol/ artist spot, regarding such rank Raymond appeared to be very excited: “For putting me in an idol ranking, for me this is a confirmation from my fans. Of course, I am very excited about it. I want to do my best to be an artist who is both an idol and a capable actor. The status of an idol is given by others, however capacity depends on oneself and hard work.”

Because of the screen time in the series “Tai Chi” with Vincent Zhao, Raymond’s fan club posted some messages on the web, worried that he doesn’t have much screen time. So that other artists might steal its limelight. He personally does not approve of such a view. “Actually, the weight of one’s role is not that important, what is more important is whether a role suits oneself. I like my role in “Tai Chi” a lot. The portrayal flexibility is very big, as long as I develop it very good.” He is very grateful for the support of his fans.

After the drama team of “Tai Chi” has shoot in Kunming, the reporter has received many telephone inquiries about the shooting place by Raymond’s fanatics. At the place where they are filming, everyday there will be many fans of Raymond visiting the set. Some come from Chengdu, but also from Hong Kong as well as from many places all over the country. Regarding his fans, Raymond tries to fulfil their wishes as much as possible: “I am very touched, they all come from such far places to see me. I really have to thank them for it.”

After he became popular, he continually received the love of his fans. During the conversation, he has expressed many times his gratitude to his fans. “The support they give me is immense. The most touching time was my birthday from last year. Fans from all over the country came to Hong Kong and organised a very big birthday party for me. Before they blindfolded me, so I was very pleasantly surprised when I saw that big pile of presents. I was so thrilled that I spoke very incoherently. I am really grateful for everyone’s support.”

In his free time, Raymond likes to be peacefully. He also likes to be on his own at home, enjoying his free time. “When I am alone I will surf the net and listen to music. Sometimes I will chat all day with my friends. The majority of my friends are all in the entertainment circle, that is why I spend quite a lot of time with them. I frequently go swimming with them, it is a lot of fun.”

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Michelle Ye Celebrates With Her Fans

On the 14th of February it was Michelle Ye’s 25th birthday. She celebrated that day with her godfather and a bunch of friends. On another day, she celebrated it with a bunch of faithful fans. That day, she has to film in Kowloon Tong, but her fans were very considerate. So they asked her out for dinner very near to where she was filming. Originally, she thought it was only an ordinary dinner party, but who could imagine that her fans have ordered abalone and birds nest. She was quite embarrassed by it as her fans have made such expenses.

But, what moved Michelle the most was that because she had to film again, she couldn’t eat the birds nest. Therefore, her fans have packed the birds nest and delivered it to the set where she could eat it. This made her very happy. Apart from inviting her to dinner, her fans have also given her gifts such as crystal and make up. She said: “Actually, the most important thing of giving a gift is the heart. It doesn’t matter if it is cheap or expensive. I am very touched by it. Hopefully my fans will not spend so much money and give me such expensive gifts anymore.”

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Takungpao, The Sun

Charmaine Sheh Speaks About Shower Scene With Joe Ma

Most actresses, such as Charmaine Sheh Si Man, Gigi Lai Chi, etc were dressed conservatively at TVB's Artist Advancement Gala yesterday. Charmaine appeared in a 70's costume as she is currently filming "Phoenix Quartet" with Joe Ma Tak Chung and Sammul Chan Kin Fung. Charmaine spoke in greater detail about her love scenes with Joe.

Charmaine said that the new series is very challenging for her, "Earlier, I filmed a rape scene with Sammul and he was very nervous. Later I will have a shower scene with Joe. After having a few alcholic drinks, I will have a physical relationship with Joe's character in one scene."

Charmaine said that since entering the industry, "Phoenix Quarter" has been the most daring series she has filmed. When the reporters asked if rumored boyfriend Benny Chan Ho Man has been monitoring the filming of these daring scenes, Charmaine said, "It doesn't concern him!"

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The Sun

Jessica Hsuan, Roger Kwok, Bernice Liu, Moses Chan At TVB Advancement Gala

Yesterday, TVB held its Artist Advancement Gala for 2006, which is focused on the various career opportunities and outlooks for its managed artists. Almost 50 actors appeared, including Roger Kwok Chun On, Jessica Hsuan, Charmaine Sheh Si Man, Gigi Lai Chi, Ron Ng Cheuk Hei, Kevin Cheng Ka Wing, Sonija Kwok Sin Lei, Moses Chan Ho, Bernice Liu Bik Yee, Tavia Yeung Yi, Fala Chen, Angela Tong Ying Ying, etc etc. Several key actors were not present due to their film schedules.

When all the artists gathered together for a group picture, Roger Kwok and Jessica Hsuan were singled out to pose in the center of the photo, indicating that they are still Number #1 Brother and #1 Sister at TVB.

The media has been closely following Roger's marriage plans with girlfriend Cindy Au Sin Yee, but Roger said, "My work schedule is filled until October, so this year we will not get married. As we do not have a family plan yet, we will not be getting married within the next 3 years."

Roger just came back from a vacation with Cindy. They were spied by the media throughout the whole duration of their trip, as many people believe that Roger will be proposing to Cindy while on vacation. "I didn't propose to Cindy. If I were to do so, I don't have to pick a specific location to do so." Was Roger upset that they were spied on by the media? "When we returned to Hong Kong and saw that we made it on the magazine covers, we were actually quite happy. Throughout the whole trip, Cindy and I did not take any photos together. But the magazines took photos of us together! I hope they will give us the negatives." Roger said that he is not angry at reporters for following them, as he understands that reporters are just doing their job and following orders from above.

As Jessica posed in the center, many people laughed and said she is the Big Sister at TVB. Jessica joked and said that she is the oldest present, as she has been with TVB for 13 years.

Jessica's contract with TVB will be expiring in September; she is currently negotiating the terms of her new contract. Asked the progress of the negotiations, Jessica said, "We are still discussing the terms. The most important thing is that we all work together happily. I have been able to work at TVB for 13 years because it has been a good collaboration."

Also rumored couple Moses Chan and Bernice Liu appeared in matching black outfits. The reporters asked them to pose for photos together and Moses appeared to be embarrassed by all the attention. Moses was asked if he had prepared in advance to match colors with Bernice; he said, "Many people wear black; we did not discuss it beforehand." Bernice said that she wanted to appear casual, so she chose to wear black.

When the reporters asked Moses why he appeared to be so embarrassed, he said, "I don't know!" Has Moses not seen Bernice in a long time? "Yes, we haven't been filming together in new series."

Executive Lok Yi Ling, aside from heavily promoting Raymond Lam Fung, Ron Ng Cheuk Hei, Bosco Wong Chung Chak, and Bernice Liu Bik Yee has also decided to assign 15 new artists to undergo "improvement classes" (such as speech delivery and acting classes). The 15 artists include Linda Chung Ka Yan, Fala Chen, Matthew Ko, Leanne Li, Lai Lok Yi, etc. Ms. Lok hopes that the assigned artists will be able to improve their performing skills, leading to greater opportunities.

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Sina, The Sun

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

New TVB Series "Sau Sun Chuen" Costume Fitting

TVB's new series, "Sau Sun Chuen" (literal translation- 'Searching for God Chronicles') held its costume fitting yesterday. The series stars Sunny Chan Kam Hung, Benny Chan Ho Man, Linda Chung Ka Yan, Helena Tam Siu Wan, Stephen Au Kam Tong,and Nancy Wu Ding Yan.
In the series, Linda will have many new challenges, such as playing a seductress, ugly woman, and old woman. One of her images include a large mole on her face. Asked if Linda expects her "ugly" image to be as successful as Angela Tong Ying Ying's in "Life Made Simple," Linda said, "I will not have such big expectations. But as the series allows new experimentation, I am looking forward to the challenge!"

Linda said she does not mind appearing with an ugly image in the series. But she is worried about the make-up that she needs to put on for her old image. "I am afraid of appearing as an old woman the most. My skin is very sensitive and I am concerned with the amount of make-up I will need to put on."

Linda said this will be the second time that she will be playing a goddess. There will be a lot of action sequences in the series, so there will be a need for wirework. There will be a love triangle between Sunny, Linda, and Benny, but the plot's main focus will not be on the love relationships. Also Linda said that she is not afraid of possible rumors between Benny Chan and her as the both of them have collaborated before.

"Sau Sun Chuen" will be similiar to TVB's previous productions, "Gods of Honor" and "Journey to the West." In the new series, Sunny Chan, Benny Chan, and Linda Chung will achieve godly status, becoming the gods of Fook, Sau, Luk (Luck, Wealth, and Longevity).

Benny arrived a little late to the costume fitting. His voice was hoarse, as the night before, he met with the cast and crew of "A Pillowcase of Mystery" to celebrate the high ratings. Benny said that "A Pillowcase of Mystery" had special significance for him as it has been 10 years since he has joined TVB. His first series was in "Semi Gods Semi Devils" produced by Lee Tim Sing and coincidentally Lee also produced "A Pillowcase of Mystery" as well. Benny joked and said that he deserves a 10 year anniversary award from TVB.

Benny has had prior experience acting in fantasy dramas. Benny said that in the new series, he will have a scene where his clothes would burst apart. "But my underwear will definitely not explode onscreen. The series will air during prime time, so it will be suitable for the whole family to watch!"

As news broke earlier on Nancy Wu's romance with Deep Ng Ho Hong, Nancy tried to avoid the reporters yesterday. When the reporters congratulated her on the relationship, Nancy said "Happy Birthday," a totally irrelevant response.

When the reporters pointed out that Deep seems to care more about the relationship, Nancy said, "Well girls like to keep these things inside. Also dating is personal matter, so it is best to talk about work." Deep said that Nancy was hard to pursue? "No, that's not true!" But Nancy did reveal that the two of them spent a romantic Valentine's Day together.

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