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Sunday, February 19, 2006

2R Meets Their Friend's Dream Lover - Vivian Chow

2R yesterday attended a cosmetic company’s make up marathon function. The sisters did their own make up to attend the function. Older sister, Rosanne Wong, related a story of their childhood when they would sneakily play with their mother’s make up. Once they broke their mother’s lipstick in half and so, were told off. Race then said that her sister would always make her the model and she would sometimes end up with panda eyes. But as they are grown up now, Race trusts Rosanne’s skills and will let her older sister put make up on her.

Race laughed and said that when she was in high school and the early days of working in the entertainment circle, she would always ask Rosanne for help. The make up artist, Rosanne, would have to wake up earlier to do her own and then do her younger sister’s. Thinking about it now, it was quite troublesome. Thankfully, they now have a make up artist. The girls also met Vivian Chow. They praised Vivian for looking as pretty as she did 10 years ago.
2R revealed that 10 years ago, they were still in school and their friend had made Vivian his dream lover. They would have never known that they would meet the real person 10 years later and she would still look as pretty as ever.

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