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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Alex Fong Has No Sweetheart for Valentine's Day

Yesterday Alex Fong was the senior officer for the Hong Kong safety team, dressed up in an uniform. He expressed that he has 5 years of driving experience; even though he had gotten his points deducted before, he promises that he is a responsible driver, "One time I was drinking so I parked my car on the side and rode the bus home. Then I went back to get my car the next morning!"
Alex also attended yesterday's marathon and there was a participant who fainted along the way. He expressed, "Of course it's unpleasing to hear that. You need to practice before the marathon and think about your own capacity so you don't push yourself too hard."

When the reporters asked Alex about Valentine's Day, he said, "Ha! Valentine's Day?" He emphasized that he doesn't have a valentine and that you can't just give away vday gifts freely, but he will buy a box of chocolates for his mom. Regarding a college graduate holding a wedding at school, Alex expressed that he hopes to imitate that if he has the chance to.

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