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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Alex Fong Looks At Pretty Girls While Running The Marathon

Yesterday morning Alex Fong participated in the Marathon 2006 and spent 2 hours to finish the whole journey. He said that he looked at pretty girls while running so no wonder why he was so energetic and ended up with a thigh convulsion!

Other stars that attended included Tse Tin Wah, and Shawn Yue and 2R were the supporters'. But Hacken Lee who sang the themesong did not attend.

Alex took 1 hour 48 minutes to run the 20 kilometers journey. He also joked that he had to work hard in asking some female participants out which made him run even faster. He jokingly said, "It's good to have a goal while running. I was running nere a mixed pretty girl and I think she is a model! (You looked at pretty girls while running?) You have to have a goal. My goal can be either male or female. I just greet everyone along the way!" We don't know whether Alex was using too much energy or not that he ended up with a thigh convulsion!

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