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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Alex Fong Works Out In The Gym & Tones His Muscles!

Alex Fong has lately been practicing his running and plans to compete in this Sunday’s marathon. The athletic Alex, claims that everyone time he runs, his feet will hurt. To relieve some of the pain, Alex plans to add extra foot padding on the day of the race. At Alex’s last marathon, he was able to run 10km. This time, to challenge to himself, Alex hopes to be able to run 21km.

Alex believes that the race will not be so hard to get through. He has been working out in the gym and has toned up his muscles by adding 0.5-2 inches to his chest and 1 inch to his arms. But Alex is still not satisfied because of eating too much during the New Year, it has made him look fatter. The race is nearing so Alex will give some more effort in working out, hoping to be fitter on the day.

Alex was asked if he would talk about his rumours with Justin during an interview, Alex expressed that he did not know. He was then asked if had ever asked Justin about his rumours, Alex said that he often plays basketball with Justin and that he has asked Justin questions regarding his rumours. The reporters then immediately questioned Alex if Justin wears his hat when playing basketball, Alex just laughed and did not reply.

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