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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Bernice At A Nike Dance Press Conference

Yesterday, Bernice Liu and Stephanie Cheng appeared at a Nike Dance Press Conference, both performed dances cheoreographed for Madonna. One dance Bernice performed was hip hop and even though she has had experience she still finds it difficult to some degree. But Bernice also believes that as long as you have fun and dance freely then it will look good.

Bernice and Nike signed a 3-year contract. This time being allowed to take part in a dance function has made her very happy. Bernice reveals she is usually busy filming series and has no time for other exercise and after dancing hip hop for the first time again she broke out in a sweat but the feeling was very relaxing. Hip hop involves a lot of sudden movement, some fear Bernice will injure herself but she believes that as long as you don't force yourself to do these movements then it should be okay.

In other news, there have been reports that a Hollywood film company has chosen Bernice to star in the new film, 'Miss Saigon'. Bernice revealed that the movie actually does not have a script yet. As for being praised for being pretty and fit making the Hollywood company choose her Bernice happily replied, "Of course I am happy because of this! But to collaborate it is up to my company to arrange it because of the series I am supposed to film." As for entering TVB 4 years now, Bernice thanks them for giving her so many opportunities. And even in the future she will try any opportunity she receives.

[X] credit: Bernie @
Takungpao, The Sun


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