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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Bernice Liu Might be in Hollywood Musical, 'Miss Saigon'

Pretty and fit Bernice Liu reveals good news that she has an opportunity to leave Asia and invest in a famous Hollywood musical, 'Miss Saigon'! The director especially came to Hong Kong to find a main lead and supporting roles. Out of everyone he chooses Bernice who is fluent in English and has a great dancing background. According to Bernice's intereviews, she is very nervous and continuously practicing. Her manager and producer also approves of it since it will help her fight her way in Hollywood.

Recently Bernice's Cantonese have improved alot and her acting skills is well appreciated. Her manager responds to this, "Bernice really did try out. Maybe it's because of her dancing background that the movie company likes for the role. But whether it is really possible to cooperate will be up to the movie company. We are currently waiting for their announcement."

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