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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Bernice Never Parts From Her Dog

Yesterday Bernice Liu and "daughter-in-law" Bailey were at the tv station doing an interview. Bernice says that she almost never parts with her dog. Besides sleeping on her bed, Bailey is also there when Bernice is filming. When asked her if she thought a boyfriend needed to love dogs she replied, "Of course! He needs to like dogs and children. (It's Valentine's Day, have you received any flowers yet?) No. (Did you prepare a gift for Moses?) Also no! I have to work!"

It was also revealed that Bernice and Ha Siu Sing are relatives. Bernice says, "I call him my uncle (kau fu). He was 70% my uncle! (Why 70%?) Nevermind that. The bottom line is we are related. Since I was young, I've known I had a famous uncle."

[X] credit: Bernie @
The Sun, Takungpao


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