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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

BMA Suggested Bosco Wong To Sing Some Rap Songs

Entering the dog year, Bosco Wong saw the 'God of Wealth' and believes that his luck will continue on this year. Bosco wishes that this year he can buy a house so his parents can live comfortably. Last year Bosco had to pay a 5 figure amount of tax and hopes it will increase to 6 figures this year since it means that he has earned more money!

Bosco had great results in the year of the chicken. Other than receiving the 'Most Improved Award' and series piling in, he has also signed with BMA and will soon have this own album. Entering the music industry, he expresses that his mood is gingerly, pretty happy but pretty nervous at the same time. He will also be recording the themesong for new series 'Au Revoir Shanghai'. He will be working hard to learn how to sing and dance from a teacher. After discussing with the company, they suggested that he can go the same road as Jordan Chan, and sing a bit of Rap songs. Bosco expresss that he is not afraid of people comparing him with Ron since they are good friends and will help each other.

During the photography session, even though Bosco has encountered a foreign version of the 'God of Wealth', he still believes he will be lucky this year!

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