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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Bosco Says He Has A 'Good Ending' With Myolie

When Bosco Wong attended a promotion function yesterday, Stephanie Che made a love prediction for him by saying that he will get whatever he want. They also put him on the spot and brought up the Myolie rumor!

Yesterday Niki Chow, Kevin Cheng, and Bosco Wong attended 'Under The Canopy Of Love's' dance function and Stephanie Che was the love predictor for everyone. She started off with Niki and said that some people have made her disappointed and some will break the relationship between them. Afterwards, she said, "Don't mention things from the past. (Is it accurate?) I don't want to talk about it, I want to focus on work and earn alot of money."

As with Bosco, he will get whatever he want in his love life and will be well appreciated by the girl's parents. But there might be a third party and someone will also have a crush on him at the same time. Then the Myolie rumor immediately popped up and Bosco said, "It's not related! (But it has a good result!) It is a good result, Myolie and I received great ratings. (Does someone have a crush on you?) Probably but I don't even have a second party yet so why would I have a third party?"

Kevin will be attracted to a wise lady and he was asked how long ago he didn't go out, "I usually meet up with female friends, but they don't need to be wise and beautiful. It's the matching that is the most important."

Moreover, they held a dance battle. When Ha Yue and Cho Chung was dancing Cha Cha, they almost touched each other's chest. Ha Yue immediately took his hand back, but he still had to do a hitting butt move.

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