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Monday, February 20, 2006

Bosco Wong Sick From Working

Bosco Wong and Shirley Yeung yesterday were filming in TVB City for their new television drama, 千謊百計. Bosco, who was sick on the day, wore a mouth mask and explained that the cause for him falling sick was working all night and filming on the beach. Everyone knows that Lisa Wang has been treating Bosco like her god son. Bosco revealed that Lisa who saw that his health was not too good, told his mother to buy some ingredients to make soup for him. Hearing this, Bosco’s mum went to the shops and made Bosco soup.

Shirley who plays a mute in this series has been concentrating on learning sign language. When asked if she knew the ‘I love you’ sign, Shirley said, “No! But I know a lot of other ones.”

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The Sun


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