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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Bosco Wong Wants To Move Near Myolie Wu?

TVB artist Bosco Wong had a prosperous year, other than receiving awards and great comments on his acting skills, he will also be releasing an album as a singer. This year Bosco will be too busy to have a break and he had only one day of break during CNY. He says gladly, "It's good being this busy since it means there's something to do. I hope I have alot of do and earn alot of money." He and good friend Ron Ng has to pay a 6 figure amount of tax this year, "I want to pay more tax. Paying more tax means you have gain more money, then I will be very happy. I've actually want to buy a big house so my mom can live comfortably!" When asked what district he wants to move into, he said, "Of course a district with good feng shui, like the Homantin District. It's a nice place and is covenient for me to go to work in the company." Myolie Wu lives in 加多利山 and was asked whether he wants to more near his rumored girlfriend. He jokes, "I know you will say that, it doesn't matter, maybe she will earn more money and move away!" Regarding him signing with BMA this year, he said, "It's pretty funny because my manager has only discussed this matter once. I didn't know I would sign the contract that fast. But I've planned to go learn how to sing because I hope I can do the best in everything."

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