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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Charlene Will Not Comment On Ronald's Injury

Twins, Kenny Kwan, Ella Koon, Isabella Leung and Yan Ng yesterday attended the award ceremony of a no smoking in schools poster competition.

Earlier, Charlene’s rumoured boyfriend, Ronald Cheng, injured himself when filming. Ella, who was filming at the time, did not know how to face Charlene because she was one of the culprits. She had been kicking and punching Ronald in the scene. Ella said, “Maybe I did not make him injure himself. But I will still ask how he is.”
Charlene did not want to think about this issue and would not comment on it. Gillian helped Charlene answer the questions from the reporters by saying, “It is hard to avoid injuries when filming. I won’t say anything more, in case the more I say the more trouble I cause!”

Besides Twins, other members of EEG have love luck this year. Don Li was caught meeting up with Miss Hong Kong 2005, Tracy Yip for 45 minutes. Gillian expressed that friends visiting each other is not an uncommon thing and it would be more like 15 minutes because the media will exaggerate. Are they two in love? Twins said that they did not know but feel that the two are just friends. When commenting on EEG singers having love luck, Charlene said jokingly that their company had set up peach blossom power because having love luck is important to artists. This is because it causes them to be popular among people.

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