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Monday, February 20, 2006

Charmaine's Massaging Had Sammul Crying Out Loud In The Studio

Currently, Sammul and Charmaine are working together on new series 'Phoenix Quartet', which will be completed by April. As the filming process was very difficult; with both of them working day in day out, they often gave each other massages to eliminate fatigue. Sammul said that Charmaine's body was very tense like a statue, due to lack of rest. He also said that Charmaine is very skilful in massages, especially at acupuncture points, making him cry out loudly. Sammul does not fear of creating rumours, because they did it openly so it does not constitute inappropriate behaviour.

After completing this series, Charmaine will immediately co-operate with Liza Wang on another 60-70s musical drama, which requires her to sing and dance. Even though she practised ballet for 10 years, Charmaine was worried because the two type of dances are different and she doesn't have enough time to practice.

This year, Charmaine's mum returned to HK to spend Lunar New Year with her and she ate a lot of good food. When asked whether Benny Chan pay her visit, Charmaine said no and asked why should he do so? The reporter said that it is natural for the boyfriend coming over to visit his future mother-in-law.

On a side note, Akina Hong forgot to bring her identity card, causing the ambulance to reject her. While filming 'Phoenix Quartet', Akina fainted due to stomach pains but the ambulance rejected to take her to hospital because she didn't have her IC with her. Instead, she have to drive on her own to see a private doctor after regaining consciousness.

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