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Monday, February 20, 2006

Chin Ka Lok Proposes To Lee San San

Entering 2006, there have been much good news in the entertainment industry! Chin Ka Lok has proposed to Lee San San.

The Hong Kong Celebrity Soccer Team has just returned from their 20th anniversary celebration in the Philippines. Chin Ka Lok's soccer team mates Eric Tsang Chi Wai, Alan Tam Wing Lung, and
Nat Chan Bak Cheung encouraged him to propose to long time girlfriend Lee San San.

Under the encouragement of his team mates, Chin Ka Lok proposed to Lee San San with fresh flowers and an impromptu paper ring he made. Although Lee did not agree to the proposal on the spot, she smiled happily.

Chin said, "Eric Tsang asked me to propose, so I did. Like Hacken Lee, we have both fulfilled our missions." But Chin said the wedding date is not set yet. "It will probably be within 10 years! I think we have to think it through thoroughly first when we return to Hong Kong. Marriage is a serious matter!"

Eric Tsang said that each of Chin's good friends will sponsor 10 tables at the wedding banquet, encouraging Chin to get married. Chin joked, "All the guests would probably take up 50 tables at the wedding banquet. Without having to pay for the wedding banquet out of my own pocket, I can treat everyone to a nice meal and still receive wedding gifts. It's such a good deal; I plan to get married several times a year!"

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