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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Edison & BoA Work On Levis Advertisement

Edison Chen and Korea’s female artist, BoA, earlier worked on Levis ads in Japan. This is the first time Edison and BoA have worked together. Although BoA was sick, she praised Edison by saying he was cute and hot.

One of Hong Kong’s hottest artists, Edison, flew to Japan to work with BoA on Levis advertisements. First time working together, the two used simple English to communicate. The two worked together well and could not stop praising each other. BoA said that Edison was extremely handsome and revealed that she hopes to work with Edison again. When Edison entered the filming area, the sick BoA immediately sat up straight and started work. Her illness did not affect their work at all.

After finishing the ad, Edison realised that BoA was sick. Edison praised BoA by saying that she was extremely professional and determined. Edison said, “I am happy to be able to work with BoA. I have seen her dance before. She is a great dancer! (Do you want to compete with her?) Yes and I want her to come to Hong Kong!”

Levis has placed great importance on this advertisement and had employed foreign director, Leslie Kee to film the ad. Edison and BoA are extremely happy with the results of the ad. They will be flying to Taiwan to do a series of promotion for Levis.

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