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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Ekin Cheng Refuses Discussing Rumours About Gigi Leung

Earlier Ekin Cheng was filming a movie in Thailand and has only just returned to Hong Kong. He attended a BMA function and he said that when he was filming in Thailand, he went swimming in his free time. Who could imagine that he was secretly photographed in his swimming trousers and put on the cover of a magazine with the title ‘The Reappearance Of The Red Wind’ (meaning it is very large/ very manly). It is also a public secret that Gigi Leung has sent him text messages to reconcile. At the function, Ekin was repeatedly being pestered by the media about these rumours, but he refused to respond on it.

Referring to Gigi’s reconciling text messages, he only said: “No such thing!”. He tried to leave in order to avoid answering everyone’s questions. Asked again whether he has received many text messages, he didn’t say anything about it. He has only received many text messages from the telecommunication company, all asking him to pay his bills. He then continued to talk about his work: “ I am filming “鹹蛋超人” ('Ultraman'). This is a dream come true, I am really happy to be able to film it”.

Spending Valentine’s Day On A Deserted Island
After his break up with Gigi, he was asked whether he would focus on work this year: “Every year, I am like that. However, this year I am swamped by so many work. I have just finished filming in Thailand. Then I need to go to Canada, afterwards I will begin a new movie. I also have to visit a disaster area”. Asked how he spent Valentine’s Day this year, Ekin said: “That day, I was shooting pictures on a deserted island”. When asked whether it has been a long time since he has spent a romantic holiday on his own, he smilingly expressed that he can’t remember. Asked if it was a happy time, he smiled it was. He revealed that on the deserted island, as it was Valentine’s Day, a mixed-blood child gave him a gift. It turns out that it was a seven-year-old girl who has filmed a movie with him before. So what did the girl give him? Ekin remained mysterious.

At the function, the two hosts Jerry Lam and Chin Ka Lok were often teasing him, describing him as 'The Reappearance Of The Red Wind'. Continuously calling him to stand up so that everyone could have a look. It made Ekin feel quite awkward as he helplessly waved to everyone. Then it was time to give the awards, as the money was put in a red pocket, Ka Lok said: “Ekin’s red seal (red wind) has reappeared!”

Not Awkward To Expose Swimming Trousers
Afterwards, talking about the matter of the swimming trousers, he said that he didn’t feel awkward about it as it is very normal to wear swimming trousers to go swimming. Asked whether he would be more careful in the future, Ka Lok happened to come by and smilingly told: “It is natural, can’t prevent it”. After hearing it, Ekin immediately asked about his and then expressed that if one has to be careful like that, it is better not to swim at all. He believes that wearing swimming trousers is a very normal thing to do.

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