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Monday, February 13, 2006

Ella Has No One To Kiss But A Teddy Bear

Yesterday, Ella Koon attended a function and had to kiss a teddy bear for 30s. Ella laughed and said that the kissing was a piece of cake, but as she had not dated for a long time, she said that the experience was rather dry. This V-Day, she will not be going out with anyone, but luckily she’ll be busy filming 'Champion Rascal' 《至尊無賴》. It turns out that two of her co-stars, Michelle Ye being one of them, will be celebrating their birthdays tomorrow, and Ella is planning a surprise birthday party for them.

Ella said that she does not have any special feelings about V-Day, as if you were in love, everyday would be V-Day. Recalling a V-Day that she had before joining the industry, she said that she and her male friend went on a cruise on the river. Getting off at the riverbank, she was greeted by a heart scratched into the sand as well as flowers. However, she was not impressed and kicked the sand over the heart, destroying the guy’s effort.

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The Sun


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