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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Ella Koon & Lawrence Chou Lock Lips In New Movie

Ella Koon and Lawrence Chou lock lips for the first time together, in their new movie ‘地老天荒’ which will be out in cinemas in this month. As this is Ella’s first big screen, this may be important to her. But Ella expressed that she was not nervous because throughout the whole seen was to follow Lawrence. As she was filming this scene, Ella tried to imagine that she was at her wedding. Ella revealed that before shooting the scene, she chewed on some gum and because of the sweet flavour, Ella and Lawrence felt something ‘sweet’ when they kissed. Ella believes that doing kiss scenes are not difficult, the most difficult thing is to not to laugh.

After filming the wedding scene, they had to do the scene where Ella dies. Hearing the sad sobs from Lawrence made her burst into laughter and so they had to NG.

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