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Monday, February 20, 2006

Ella Spends $20,000 On Jewelry

Recently Ella has been very busy filming either for movies, series or commercials. The day before yesterday, reporters caught Ella in a jewellery shop, spending a total of $20,000(HK).

The day before yesterday, Ella finished a radio interview. Afterwards, Ella immediately went shopping in Tung Luo Waan. But this time for shopping, she was not buying anything for herself but for her sister's birthday. Around 4 pm, Ella entered Mr.Chou's store looking for a bracelet and managed to find a Hello Kitty one. She asked the sales lady to take it out so that she could try it. She picked a Hello Kitty bracelet costing $1,920(HK). Other than that, she also bought pearls and diamonds. She tried on a white pearl ring, but it did not suit her, but she also bought a diamond earring, which cost $2,500(HK). After trying on a few, Ella finally picked out some which took around 15 minutes, and ended buying a gold bracelet and diamond earring.

[X] credit: Sparkling Tearz @ Sweet Ella
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