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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Ella Wants To Be Like Marianne & Be A Businesswoman

Since Ella Koon’s entrance into the world of entertainment, she has consecutively for two years, clinched the deal to be Marianne Chan’s spokesperson for her beaut school. Ella said that celebrities all had a shelf-life and she hoped to emulate Marianne and be a businesswoman.
In her capacity as her spokesperson, Ella yesterday attended a publicity event for Marianne’s Beauty Tech branch in Guangzhou. The appearance of both stars drew 20 reporters to cover the event, and there were also lots of fans clamouring for Ella’s autograph. It was a lucky thing that Ella was used to huge crowds, and she maintained her composure throughout the event.

Ella revealed that she had completed a makeup course, and jokingly said that if she were ever to change her mind about being a singer, she could be a makeup artist. “I admire the fact that Marianne has been able to put her fame to good use in her career, and I hope to be an entrepreneur in the future. Unfortunately, my makeup skill is terrible, so I can’t be a makeup artist. However, what I really want to do is to sell jewellery for women, because women’s money is easy to earn.” She also revealed that because of her publicity appearances after becoming a spokesperson, she has become more recognized in China.

Marianne said that her Guangzhou investment is the first in her step to penetrate China, and she hopes that in two to three years’ time, she would be able to invest a 7 digit figure to open 6 to 10 branches of her beauty school in China. When asked if she has had time to date, as her business is growing by leaps and bounds, Marianne laughed and said, “I haven’t dated. Everytime it comes round to V-Day, I will always be very sad. (Ella says she admires you.) Ella is quite a hardworking artist.”

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