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Monday, February 20, 2006

Fan Faints At Eason's Concert

Eason's "Get a Life" concert ended the day before yesterday after 9 concerts in a row. The atmosphere was great and the audience memebers were screaming and yelling. A female fan fainted and had to be sent to the hospital. Even with that, it did not affect Eason's performance.

Many family and friends attended this last concert. Hilary and daughter Constance were in attendance along with Hilary's mom and younger brother. Other family members that attended were Eason's mother, father, and grandmother. Friends that attended were Nicholas Tse, William So, Bondy Chiu, Wilfred Lau, Shine, Cheung Dat Ming. According to the fans present at the concert, Denise Ho, Edmond Leung, Josie Ho, Candy Lo, Wyman Wong, and Mark Lui were also present. Plus, songwriter Ng Kwok King sang a duet with Eason at this last concert.

After the concert, at the celebration ceremony, Hilary and Eason took pictures together. Rumors have it that they will be getting married on March 23. Regarding this news both Eason and Hilary kept quiet and said they don't know.

When Eason was asked when he will get ready for his wedding, Eason answers, "I don't know, I only have a couple of days off." (Aren't you guys getting married on the 23rd of next month?) "We'll think about it then, I still have a commercial, movie, and tv series to shoot." (You have time on the side to get married.) "Nope, who said we're getting married? Work is more important." (Didn't you guys apply for the 23rd?) "No, we didn't apply for anything. I'm not saying anything. Don't worry about what I do. It isn't a big deal, don't bother everyone with it. Don't worry, it'll be in the near future."

Hilary was asked about the wedding date and Hilary responded while laughing, "Maybe I won't get married and I'll give him (Eason) a little scare. We'll see how he is, most importantly he'll have to ask our daughter. Marriage isn't that important, whats important is having children and having a family. Although we are not planning another child anytime soon but, (smiling) but if we are you'll be informed." Hilary has been use to people calling her Mrs. Chan. When a reporter says, "Congratulations!" Hilary smiles sweetly and says, "Thank you."

When Eason and Hilary were taking pictures together, a reporter made fun of them and said, "Newlyweds turn to this side please." (yat dui san yun ne bin) Eason laughs and says, "New...your head." (san nei goh tau) Eason says, "After taking this picture pretend its our wedding picture. After this picture, don't ask anymore about our wedding."

As for Eason's mother, who flew back from England, it seemed as if she came back for her son's wedding. When she was asked about this, she too kept quiet. What she does know is that her son will be shooting a commercial, movie, and TV series in March. Regarding rumors that say Eason's mom is back for their wedding, Hilary says, "Eason's mom is back to see her granddaughter."

During the concert, Constance was taken care of by Nicholas Tse. At one point, she climbed up and sat on Nicholas' shoulders and started dancing.

When asked about the fan that fainted, Eason hopes that she is okay. He was extremely concerned about the girl. Every concert that an artist holds, they have a praying ceremony before hoping that nothing will happen (to the fans.)

The audience's mood was especially high and Eason felt the great atmosphere and he too felt great on stage. At certain points during the concert, the audience got so loud that Eason could not hear the music. Eason jokingly said to them, "Thank you but, please don't be so loud." Admist all the craziness, Eason did not forget to thank Hilary for designing the outfits for the concert.

He once said that he won't do encores but, he was moved by the audience's atmosphere and did an encore. The original plan was to have the concert end at 11:00pm but fans did not want to leave. According to a fan that appeared at the concert, it did not end until 11:45pm. Eason joked that he was afraid if he did not perform an encore he would not be able to leave the stadium.

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Takungpao,, The Sun


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