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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Gia Lin's Family Laughed At Gia's Love Rumours With Justin

Recently, Gia Lin, who has been rumoured to be dating Justin Lo, went back to her home town during the Chinese New Year holidays. Her family had read of the love rumours on the internet but were not worried about Gia, instead they merely laughed at the reports. When asked if Justin had sent her a text message to wish her a happy New Year, Gia said that she did not receive any sms in mainland china and has not received any since returning to Hong Kong.

When asked if she will purposely go and find Justin, Gia said, “No I will not purposely go and find him. But these rumours are not a good thing and have affected us. This is because some people will believe the rumours are true. I will not go to his house any more but I will still ask him to compose some songs for me!”

Bosco Wong, who was at the function with Gia, revealed that during the 2 days break he got during the Chinese New Year, he had been sleeping to recharge his ‘batteries’, because of this, he has not received as much red envelopes as previous years.

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