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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Gillian Chung Doesn't Envy Isabella Leong

A new movie, '49 Days', of which starring Stephen Fung and Gillian Chung held its premiere two nights ago at Times Square. The main casts, Stephen Fung, Gillian Chung, Yennis Cheung, and Raymond Wong all dressed up for the event. There were also quite a few celebrities who came to support the movie, of which included Jackie Chan, Albert Yeung, Charlene Choi, Kenny Kwan, Hui Wai Yan and his spouse, Patrick Tse, Grasshopper, and Winnie Lau, even Yennis' boyfriend, Dicky Cheung, came; it was a cheerful scene.

Jackie became the focal point right when he arrived. Possibly because he didn't want to steal the main point of the event, Jackie immediately expressed that he needed to use the restroom right when reporters attempted to ask for an interview; he then slipped into the theatre quietly.

Not seeing Stephen's girlfriend, Karen Mok, at the scene, Stephen explained that Karen is in Taiwan working at the moment. How will he celebrate Valentine's Day? He replied that he will send a "Happy Valentine's Day" SMS to her, but he'll put a question mark at the end of the statement. He feels that if he has to give her a present, he can do it at anytime, and not just Valentine's Day only. Stephen then kidded that he'll ask Karen to treat him out to dinner since she's received many commercial filming jobs and made lots of money. He actually feels that he should be able to work harder himself though. Will Stephen fly over to Taiwan to give Karen a surprise? He frankly replied no because the movie needs its promotions. The SMS can be considered as a present already. He definitely won't be delivering flowers overseas either since he considers himself to not be a romantic person. Adding to that, Karen is featured in stage dramas, so she probably receives flowers every night.

That night, Gillian invited her partner, Charlene, to the movie, but then reporters then asked if she also invited Charlene's rumoured boyfriend, Ronald Cheng? She gave a "What?", and then replied that the other people who she has invited are Kenny and Dennis Mak. Not having to be featured in many movies, Isabella Leong will be getting a chance to participate in the Berlin Film Festival from her movie, 'Isabella'; asking if Gillian would feel envious? Gillian replied, all the events and chances that occur in life vary from person to person, and her movies, 'House Of Fury' and 'Beyond Our Ken' have also participated in the Tokyo International Film Festival before.

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