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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Gillian Chung Got Injured By Raymond Wong While Filming '49 Days'

In the upcoming movie, '49 Days', is where Raymond Wong tries out an evil role for the very first time. He does any bad thing of the sort, and near the end of the movie, he'll be punching Gillian Chung, abusing Kau Lap Yee and will be in a fight with Stephen Fung.

Before filming this scene, Stephen expressed excitedly, "It's been a long time since I've done some fighting; I can finally show my fighting skills." Gillian, on the other hand, felt a bit of fright since Raymond is six feet tall, she said, "Even though I've worked with Raymond Wong before, we all get really into the scene when the camera starts rolling, so it's possible to actually be injured. I especially told him, "Please do me a favour, and don't go too hard on me!"

After filming the scene, Gillian continued, "I remember reading some news a while ago about
Raymond causing an injury on his co-star (Michelle Ye)'s nose while filming for a TV series ('Central Affairs'), and she had to be sent to the hospital afterwards. I was quite scared at that time, but thinking more into it, to have the effects turn out to be realistic, I then told him to give me all he has got. One was he stomping on my hand, and the other was he wresting my hair, he also bent my arm backwards forcefully too. It really hurted then, but for the sake of the scene, everything had to keep going. Afterwards, I found that my head was bruised and the joints of my arm had some minor injuries."

As for Kau Lap Yee, who portrays Stephen's daughter in the movie, she was awfully frightened after the scene for quite a few days. Whenever she see Raymond on the set, she would immediately avoid him, making Raymond feel a little sad.

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