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Monday, February 13, 2006

Gillian Chung Has A Fear Towards Valentine's Day

The cast of '49 days', which include Stephen Fung, Gillian Chung, Steven Cheung, Yennis Cheung, etc attended a function for the stars to celebrate the Lantern Festival with everyone and also to promote their new movie.

Having yesterday be the Lantern Festival, the cast and the audience all gave attempts to guess the riddles attached to the lanterns. When spoken of the scene of where Gillian kisses Stephen on the cheek in '49 Days' being cut from the movie, Stephen expressed that he wasn't notified about it. He also started asking the reporters if it's because Gillian's company won't allow it? Stephen has recently been nominated as the Best New Director for the 25th Hong Kong Film Awards; he frankly said that he's very happy, but he doesn't know how to express about his confidence towards this because it simply depends on the taste of the critics. As Valentine's Day is approaching, how will he and his girlfriend, Karen Mok, be spending it? He said, "Just the same as every other year."

Yesterday, Gillian and her aunt were being vegetarians for the day in memory of her deceased grandfather. She said that she doesn't like Valentine's Day because her first Valentine's Day with a boyfriend was not romantic at all. They were walking together at the shores, and it was really windy that day; she took the chance to say that it's very cold, and looked for the reactions of her boyfriend, but he did nothing about it. Afterwards, they ran into a friend who was selling flowers, the friend said it was cold, and her boyfriend immediately took off his jacket for the friend! Gillian said, "The friend then asked if he wants to buy any flowers, he replied, "No.". Having to receive no flowers on her first Valentine's Day, Gillian was very angry at that time; they also broke up not long afterwards. Gillian frankly says that it's this man who had affected her to her dislike of Valentine's Day. Tonight is the premiere of '49 Days', and Gillian prepares to invite her mom, her partner, Charlene Choi, and her cousin and friends to come watch. Gillian explains that Charlene usually doesn't watch horror movies, but Charlene is giving this first time for her.

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