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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Gillian Chung Is Disappointed Because Of Restriction From Kissing

Gillian Chung and Stephen Fung had a wonderful time cooperating in a new movie, '49 Days'. Already having a considerable amount of experience in acting, but she actually had a hard time filming a scene of where she was supposed to steal a kiss on Stephen's cheek, she said, "I don't have much experience with kissing, so I kinda made a joke while filming because I kept slamming towards his head while trying to kiss him. There were many NG's before we finished the scene; it was so embarassing."

Gillian expressed that she still hasn't given away her first on-screen kiss, and expressed that she probably won't be able to do some passionate kissing until she turns 30, she said, "Of course I'd want to leave my first on-screen kiss for Takuya Kimura, but I don't think he'd lay eyes on me though. Cho Seung-Woo's fine too. I've cooperated Daniel Wu before in 'Beyond Our Ken', but I wasn't allowed to share a kiss with him. I sure missed out on that!"

She admits that her company is very strict towards her; therefore, there are many restrictions on which movies she's allowed to film. Gillian expressed that she has had a talk with her manager about her own thoughts towards the matter of filming kissing scenes. She said, "I really want to film a tragic romance movie, but my company forbids me from kissing or doing anything intimate, so it's really hard to receive movies as such." Also, her rumoured boyfriend, Alex Fong, will be having intimate scenes with a sexy girl, Pace Wu, in a new movie, but Gillian only responded, "That's good. Why should I be jealous? It doesn't have anything to do with me."

Stephen is starting up his own production company, and will start producing many grand productions of movies and series. He revealed that while filming '49 Days', he usually gets off work very early. Towards starting up his new company, will he invite his girlfriend, Karen Mok, to participate in the productions? He didn't give much of a response and towards whether he will start backing away from the on-screen part of his career, Stephen said, "I think I'll be sticking around for a bit as long as I'm still skinny and handsome enough to be on-screen." Even though there are many entertainment couples who are announcing their wedding date lately, Stephen answered in opposite, "Getting married just to follow everyone else? That's so old."

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